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'Evacuate your homes immediately', Essex villagers told

Phil Squire looks out from his balcony on Brooklands Road in Jaywick, Essex. Credit: Press Association Images.

People living in Jaywick, Mistley and West Mersa are being told to evacuate their homes immediately as the flood warning is once again put at the highest levels.

Earlier today officials had downgraded the alerts from "severe flood warning" to "flood warning" for the Essex coastal villages after fears about water levels this morning and this afternoon seemed to subside.

But police now say the high tide expected at around 12.50am will once again pose a danger to life.

A severe flood warning for the area is back in place and officers triggered a full evacuation plan for all three villages at 10.40am.

Ch Insp Russ Cole, of Essex Police, said it was safest to get people out of their homes during daylight hours.

The houses closest to the seawall at Brooklands Road in Jaywick, Essex. Credit: Press Association Images.

"I need residents in Jaywick, Mistley and West Mersea to comply with police instruction and evacuate immediately. Latest forecasting tells us that risk has moved to the next high tide expected just after midnight. That threat has led to a severe flood warning being put in place for tonight’s high tide.

"Keeping people safe is our only priority and we will be evacuating residents from Jaywick, Mistley and West Mersea and need people to comply with our instructions. That evacuation is most safely executed in daylight hours.

"We are activating our evacuation plans and are working closely with other partners including the other emergency services, local authorities, health and social care.”

– Ch Insp Russ Cole, Essex Police.
Police are out in force in Jaywick. Credit: Press Association Images.

A rest centre has been set up at Tendring Education Centre at Jaywick Lane in Clacton. Residents will be able to stay there until it is safe to return to their homes.

It can accommodate up to 1,600 people.

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