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Brexit: MP says it was important to speak for the 48%

Watch Emma full Hutchinson's interview with Daniel Zeichner above.

Only one of the region's MP voted against triggering Britain's exit from the European Union.

The Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner defied the Labour whip to vote against.

The Norwich South MP Clive Lewis voted in favour of starting the Brexit process but says he might vote against at a later stage.

The region's only Liberal Democrat MP, Norman Lamb also defied his party's line to remain by abstaining on the vote.

Our Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson spoke with Daniel Zeichner about why he had decided to defy the whip and vote against the bill.

Mr Zeichner spoke on a wide range of topics. On the benefits of the European Union:

"Even in my constituency a quarter voted to leave and I respect that view but when it is something that throughout my political life, and every bone in my body is saying the reason we've had peace for the last 50, 60 years is because of the EU i could not bring myself to vote leave

– Daniel Zeichner
Mr Zeichner had strong words to say about the PM Credit: PA Images

Mr Zeichner was equally forthright on the Conservative party. He said it was worrying that they had been transformed from a pro-European, pro-Single Market party into an anti-EU group.

"A few years ago some of us remember all the trouble John Major had, well those people who were giving him all that grief, they are now running the show and the Prime Minister is effectively turning us over to Donald Trump which is very dangerous."

– Daniel Zeichner
Labour represents the whole country said Mr Zeichner

On Labour

"Labour represents the whole of the country and that's why I feel it's very important some of us speak up for the 48%, that's half the country... for people like me there was never going to be any choice.

– Daniel Zeichner

On his shadow Transport secreaty job I was quite surprised to be appointed in the first place, I've just got on with my job all the way through, when the Labour Party had problems last year I stayed. I'll go on with the job until someone tells me not to. When the country is so narrowly divided on this it seems to me this is different from normal circumstances, we live in strange time I'll have to see what happens.

And he vowed to fight on for the protections he believes could be lost when the country leaves the EU:

Concerns for EU citizens among his chief fears Credit: PA Images

I'll be speaking up on environmental protection, on workers rights, for our university and research sectors. I suspect every parliamentarian will be wrestling with their conscience as they go through but I hope more people to choose top stand up for the 48% who voted for remain last year, and I think many people particularly the EU citizens around Cambridge, eight or 9,000 will be very worried about their future we ought to be securing their future now.

– Daniel Zeichner MP

His stance, along with dozens of other MPs, have drawn criticism - notbaly from pro-Brexit campaigners like Nigel Farage.

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The Commons overwhelmingly voted in favour of giving the government permission to start the process but there will be more parliamentary debate before the final decision.