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9-year old learns to walk again after contracting rare disease

Watch a video report by ITV News Anglia's Russell Hookey.

A 9 year old girl from Northamptonshire has had to learn to walk again after she contracted a rare disease of the brain and spine.

Tiani Panesar-James from Rushden lost most of her movement and the sight in one eye, but a year on she's back at school.

Tiani Panesar-James learning to walk again Credit: Panesar family
Tiani learning to walk down stairs Credit: Panesar family

Tiani was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis or ADEM which has similar effects to Multiple Sclerosis.

Her mother Cheryl doubted whether Tiani would ever be able move again, but after months of physiotherapy she's learnt to walk once more

Tiani Panesar-James at school in Rushden, Northamptonshire Credit: Panesar family

"They had to help me walk up the stairs and get my balance, it was hard to walk and I can't walk far, because I have bad legs and it hurts. I have a walking stick and wheelchair."

– Tiani Panesar-James
Tiani in hospital Credit: Panesar family

"She started to become paralysed on one side, her eye went out to the side, her mouth dropped and her speech slurred."

– Cheryl Panesar, Tiani's mother