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Sugar crafters recreate 6ft wedding cake for Queen and Duke's 70th anniversary

Sugar crafters from the Anglia region are helping to create a replica 6ft wedding cake - just in time for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's 70th anniversary.

Fittingly, the decorations are made of royal icing. They are being made by members of the British Sugarcraft Guild based all around the country - including Milton Keynes and Colchester.

Work began back in May 2016 but, with thousands of individual flowers and blossoms to be made, it is a massive task.

Jan Thorpe, from The Queen's Cake Project. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"Normally when cakes are done for the Royal Family they are done by one person or a very small group of people but this is a big group of people. So it's cake by committee really."

– Jan Thorpe, The Queen's Cake Project.
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's wedding cake.

The original cake was made by Peak Frean in 1947 and was delivered in a specially modified car which was driven at walking pace to avoid damage.

The replica cake will be made of polystyrene, with real icing decorations. But that will not make it any less of a challenge.

A sugar crafter concentrating on the delicate work. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"It's measurements, engineering, as you say, problem-solving. Also using a medium, royal icing, which was all that was around in those days, is quite an exacting skill in itself and very delicate."

– Suzanne Ware, The Queen's Cake Project.