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ICYMI: A flying visit from one of the world's biggest planes

Watch how you load the world's second largest plane.

Stansted Airport got a flying visit from the world's second largest plane this week to mark the arrival of new jobs to the region.

The Antonov 124 dwarves the many Boeing 737s more often seen on the tarmac in Essex.

It drew admiration from plane spotters and lovers of all things mighty and mechanical, as well as a warm welcome from the region's business leaders.

"It is a remarkable aircraft, especially considering that this particular aircraft has been flying for 27 years now.

"I don't know how many times it's flown around the world but I can tell you some of the cargo it's transported: vehicles, helicopters, aircraft engines, aircraft fuselages. Very specialist, outsized heavy cargo."

– Paul Bingley, commercial manager.
The interior of the Antonov 124. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

The aircraft - which is nearly 70m long and capable of carrying 150 tonnes of cargo - stopped off at Stansted en route to South Korea.

Antonov, the makers of the world's largest cargo planes, has recently opened a new headquarters in Essex.

Senior executives at Antonov say the decision to open offices here is a vote of confidence not just in Stansted but also a vote of confidence in Britain's place in the world of aviation post-Brexit.

The company operates seven 124s which have moved everything from military and aerospace hardware to humanitarian aid.

Factoring in fuel, it costs between £650,000 and £750,000 to get it in the air but is in regular use.

Watch Matthew Hudson's full report for ITV News Anglia below.