1. ITV Report

Road junction in Clacton is dubbed country's worst accident blackspot

Hundreds of accidents at a notorious junction in Clacton have been caught on CCTV. The camera is attached to the house of Les Baker at the corner of Ellis Road and West Avenue.

Essex County Council changed the road layout 3 years ago. Credit: Les Baker.

Campaigners say someone will be killed unless Essex County Council make improvements to the junction

Our main concern is that someone is going to get killed. Cars are very safe these days and people survive. but as a resident, you hear these bangs and you don't know what you're going to find when you go out. It's horrifying.

The residents are being very supportive in the area but they're worried the next one is going to be fatal.

– Les Baker, Ellis Road Junction Campaign Group
  • See a montage of shocking crashes here.

Essex County Council say:

We have made several improvements to the safety of this junction in the past few years, but traffic calming will never completely combat the effects of reckless driving.

We will however continue work with local residents to make the junction as safe as possible.

– Essex Highways