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New bike sharing scheme launches in Cambridge

One of the Ofo yellow bikes in Cambridge Credit: ITV News Anglia

China's largest non-docking bike sharing scheme, Ofo, is launching its first UK venture with a trial starting in Cambridge.

The bright yellow bikes can be used with an app which gives uses a code to unlock the back wheel.

When cyclists are finished with them, they simply park them up and leave them for the next cyclist.

The system has already been a success in other countries.

"In the long term we'll have more people sharing one Ofo bike over the course of the day so it means that the number of bikes on the streets may actually be reduced, despite the fact we may have more people cycling which is obviously good news for the health of the city, but also in terms of congestion of bikes."

– Alex Myers, Ofo
The bikes have been popular in China Credit: Ofo
King's Parade, Cambridge Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ofo's figures on the use of its bikes can be seen below:

  • More than 10 million daily rides
  • 46 cities using the scheme
  • 2.5 million bikes
  • 30 million active users
  • 400 million rides
Cambridge is already a huge cycling hotspot Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ito World, transport data experts whose data powers some of the largest and best-known journey planners in the world says bike-sharing could be a key part in any future fully-connected transport system.

"There has been some concerns around Ofo's hiring model which will no doubt need to be addressed if it is to see the same success as in China, however, what’s interesting is how these bike-sharing networks will fit into the wider transport ecosystem. Bike-sharing will be one of the key parts in a smart, fully-connected transportation network that transforms how people move around a city.”

– Johan Herrlin, CEO Ito World