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Dog suffers serious injuries after being thrown over fence in Wisbech

Wanda has suffered a number of serious injuries Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue

A dog has been severely injured after being over a fence in Wisbech.

Wanda, the cocker spaniel is thought to be two or three-years-old.

Ravenswood Pet Rescue say she is one of the worst cases they have ever dealt with.

Ravenswood are appealing for people to help with funds to keep her alive. Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue

She was rescued on Wednesday and vets believe she had recently had puppies.

She is seriously ill and has a highly contagious skin disease, ulcers in her eyes, entropia in both eyes and hematoma's in both ears.

She is now being cared for by vets Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue

Vets have taken bloods from Wanda to see if anything else is going on - she is currently awaiting treatment for her skin.

A fundraising page has been set up to try and get Wanda better and fund the operations needed.

The cocker spaniel was dumped in Wisbech in the middle of the night Credit: Ravenswood Pet Rescue