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The woman backing a new water safety campaign after her brother drowned

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The sister of a DJ from Suffolk, who drowned after jumping from a bridge into a reservoir has warned of the dangers of open water.

22-year-old Matthew Dunnett died two years ago after plunging into Alton Water reservoir at Tattingstone near Ipswich to cool off from the summer heat.

Matthew Dunnett died at Alton Water reserve near Ipswich Credit: Zena Williams

Now his sister Zena Williams has launched a campaign to prevent other families from going through the same tragedy.

"Matty being like many others was fit well and healthy and a good swimmer and the implications of the cold water, the shock affected his breathing capabilities and sadly that had a huge consequence. If Matthew's story can make these younger people think twice before taking risks that could affect their safety and the safety of others around them then I know my brother's loss isn't in vain."

– Zena Williams

"It's extremely dangerous. The water temperatures around the East of England are very cold. People don't understand the dangers that lurk within. Many of the people that have drowned are strong swimmer and they haven't been able to fight against the cold and the reaction to their body.

– Paul Goodman, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service