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Ed Sheeran 12th in Young Rich list with £52m fortune

Ed Sheeran has been listed as the 12th richest person in the The Sunday Times Young Rich List – putting his overall wealth at £52 million.

The 26-year-old singer songwriter, who grew up in Framlingham in Suffolk and now owns a farm nearby, is also on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs today.

The singer songwriter has also been talking on radio Credit: PA

In the interview Ed Sheeran says he "lost himself" earlier in his career and revealed his cousin threatened to quit working on his tour if he did not rein in his wild lifestyle.

"I don't think I did deal very well with it. It's a weird thing, playing a venue like Wembley Stadium with 87,000 people and walking off to sit in a dressing room with nothing but an air conditioning sound. You can't really not go mental in that setting but I quickly realised my school mates had always been the constant thread of sanity."

– Ed Sheeran

He said: “I have about 12 really close school mates that have been in the same group since we were about 11 and…now I employ four of them to work on my tour."

The star's album Divide has spent a ninth week at number one Credit: PA

The chart-topping star, whose album Divide has spent a ninth week at number one, has frequently used his autobiographical music to sing about drinking and drug use.

Sheeran said he is now in a "wonderful place", adding: "I'm loving it. I'm now at an age where I get taken seriously musically, which has always been a burden on my shoulders.”

"When I first said I want to play Wembley Stadium, everyone was like: 'You're never going to do that', but now I've done that and no-one laughs at my dreams any more."

– Ed Sheeran