1. ITV Report

Falcons and hawks brought into seaside town to see off greedy gulls guzzling in the High Street

No one is safe from the greedy gulls of Lowestoft. Adults and children, alike, have reported having food snatched from their hands by greedy gulls in the High Street.

In order to scare them off, Lowestoft Vision have brought in a series of falcons and hawks to fly around and force them to move away.

Gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Credit: ITV Anglia.

It's about altering behaviour, changing the way the birds feel in and around the town centre.

We want to make it a no-go area, somewhere they don't feel safe to breed, so we can push them back to their natural environment.

– Stuart Miller, NBC Environment

Eric and friends are doing pretty well. There are fewer gulls in the High Street. But just as many, if not more, by the seaside. Where they belong.