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Learner driver's dramatic brush with over-taking lorry

A driving instructor's released dramatic dashcam footage of a lorry driver's overtaking manoeuvre which forced him to swerve onto the verge.

Shujah Saklain was giving a driving lesson to a pupil in Peterborough when the John Lewis lorry overtook them - despite the road having a double white line down the middle. It then swerved back in to avoid an oncoming car.

Shujah grabbed the steering wheel to take evasive action which took the car onto the verge.

The incident happened near a roundabout on the A605 near the Ferry Meadows country park.

You can watch a report by ITV Anglia's Stuart Leithes above.

Shujah Saklain has been telling his story to our reporter Stuart Leithes Credit: Shujah Saklain

Where there are two unbroken white lines down the centre of the road, a driver shouldn't cross them unless it's to get round a stationary vehicle - or to overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle travelling at 10 miles and hour or less."

– The Highway Code

John Lewis say they are very concerned and have launched an investigation into what happened.

"We were shocked to see this footage and we are urgently carrying out a thorough investigation. We are in contact with Mr Saklain about the incident and apologise to him and his student"

– John Lewis