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Raccoon on the rampage - creatures's surprise visit to family home

A Northamptonshire husband and wife couldn't believe their eyes when a raccoon crawled in through the cat-flap and began rummaging through their drawers.

The creature, indigenous to North America, even tried hanging off door handles and testing their pet cat's basket before lying on his back for a quick nap during the bizarre incident.

Marek Chapanionek, 44, was defrosting his freezer at around 11.30pm on Monday (15/5) night when the raccoon entered his house at Horton near Northampton.

Marek Chapanionek and his wife Caroline were surprised by the noctural visitor Credit: SWNS

"At first I heard some noises and I thought it must be a cat. I went to have a look and I saw a door upstairs was slightly open. But then when I went into the dining room the cat just rushed straight past me. I thought 'what's going on'? That's when I saw him - he was just rummaging in my wife's bag. He took a Nutri-Grain bar out and took it up to my daughter's bedroom."

– Marek Chapanionek
The animal seemed to show no fear Credit: SWNS

The animal ran riot round the account manager's house, terrifying their two-year-old cat Dotty.

Marek even rang daughter Katherine, 19, who is a second-year politics student at the University of Reading, as the creature rummaged through her bedroom drawers.

It's not clear where the animal came from or whether it was someone's pet Credit: SWNS

Eventually Marek managed to shepherd the unexpected visitor into the porch of the house - using a washing basket - where the raccoon had to remain overnight.

The animal seemed to be completely at home Credit: SWNS

Marek rang the RSPCA, who came and took the animal away.