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Husband who terrorised his wife in decade-long reign of abuse jailed for four years

Shane Murphy controlled his wife for nearly a decade. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

A Cambridgeshire businessman will serve more than four years in jail after subjecting his wife to nearly a decade of abuse.

43-year-old Shane Murphy physically and mentally abused his partner Zoe for several years, once breaking her leg when she was 20 weeks pregnant, another time locking her in a room and even throwing lit candles at her on another occasion.

He also didn't allow her to have PIN numbers on her phone and forced her to transfer her money to his account, while his controlling behaviour prevented her from leaving the house without his permission.

When she tried to flee to her parents' house, he threatened them too.

On top of the jail sentence, he's been given a lifelong restraining order.

Initially Zoe was too scared to make a formal complaint as she was afraid of repercussions.

I would like to commend her for the bravery she has shown in coming forward and working with us in order to bring Murphy to justice, but ultimately safeguard her and her children from any further harm.

Murphy was extremely controlling of Zoe and coerced her into staying in a relationship with him, despite admitting a string of offences against her.

She endured years of abuse, being thrown against stair cases and walls, held down, grabbed and thrown about to instil fear, locked in rooms, told what she could and couldn’t wear, told she is fat, worthless and ugly, and had items thrown at her on a regular basis. He was relentless in his controlling behaviour.

– Temporary Detective Constable Amy Davison, the Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (DAISU)

Murphy's list of offences:

  • Inflicting grievous bodily harm (GBH) without intent, 12 months (concurrent)
  • Assault by beating, three months (concurrent)
  • Sending communications conveying a threat, six months (concurrent)
  • Sending communications conveying a threat, six months (concurrent)
  • Engaging in coercive or controlling behaviour, 18 months (consecutive)
  • Breaching a restraining order, six months (concurrent)
  • Engaging in coercive and controlling behaviour, 22 months (consecutive)
  • Assault by beating, six months (concurrent)
  • Assault by beating, six months (concurrent)