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Amazon gets patent for parachute drone deliveries

Parachute patent for Amazon Photo: Amazon

We could soon see parcels delivered by parachute if technology giant Amazon gets its way.

The Online merchant has just been granted a patent for a mechanism to allow parcels to be dropped by chute onto customers property.

A image from the patent application Credit: US patent office

"The system can comprise a label that includes a parachute to enable the packages to be dropped from the aerial vehicle, yet land at the package's destination without damage. The system can include a self-adhesive backing, a plurality of parachute cords, a parachute, and a breakaway cover. The parachute cords can include a shock absorber to reduce the shock on the package of the parachute opening. The parachute and/or the breakaway cover can include graphics to provide address, velocity, or spin information for the package. The parachute cords can include a harness to separate the cords and reduce tangling of the cords and spinning of the parachute canopy with respect to the package."

– Amazon patent information

It comes less then six months after the firm made the world's first delivery by aerial drone in Cambridgeshire.

One of the first aerial delivery drones Credit: Amazon

And earlier this year the firm announced it was expanding its research and development base in Cambridge. It already has one base in the city, but will open another site near the train station with the capacity for over 400 employees to be based there.

It's part of the company's commitment to developing drone technology

You can see the patent in full here.