Aisling's Weather: Why I love British summers

'Can you tell us what type of weather a north-easterly wind will bring to East Anglia in the winter?'.

'Eh..' I said with an embarrassed smile..'where is that?'.

That was my first job interview to work in weather in the UK. I had studied all the mountains and rivers and all the atmospheric physics I could get my hands on but I hadn't come across the word East Anglia.

They gave me the job anyway as my first boss Michael told me 'I could talk my way out of anything..'. Needless to say I came to know many of the UK's 'strange' names but still struggle with 'BARK-shire' instead of "BERK-shire" and a few others.

Temperatures across East Anglia

So we are in for a change in weather type? Last week I was struggling to sleep at night saying that my Irish genetics didn't allow me to sleep in this heat and this week, well, I am reminded that I am closer to Ireland rather than France.

Graphic showing progression of weather this week

So what is going on with the weather? Well for the last week the pressure has been relatively high. This means that the weather is slower to change and it also means that when we get air coming in from France it has the opportunity to stagnate and warm up both during the day and night as the layers in the atmosphere are not being mixed as the air is slowly to move around.

This week we see our weather shift in from the Atlantic. Most of the year the Atlantic is about 15 - 17 degrees so when the weather pushes in off the Atlantic it it is cooler, more changeable and there is a lot more moisture available.

The jet stream behaves like a motorway for weather systems. When we are further away from the jet stream, weather systems are generally further away and the weather is likely to change more slowly.

When we are close to the jet stream we are closer to weather systems and so changes in weather happen more frequently and we often have a 'day of two halves'.

This makes our region one of the most fascinating places to forecast for. As we are so close to the continent we can experience balmy days or wet and cool ones when the weather comes in off the Atlantic. All of this is why I love British summers.

If there is one thing I have learned it's that everyone will have a different type of weather they enjoy and like and for different reason. However, for me, I love them all for different reason and this week I have a feeling I will be kept on my toes this week as we are in for a cooler and more changeable week.

I for one will be happy to have a few good nights sleep!

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