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Record year for rare bird fledging in Ouse Washes

A record number of rare black-winged stilts have fledged from their nests on the Ouse Washes in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

The RSPB have created special habitats for the birds. Credit: RSPB.

They are usually found in Southern Europe but the RSPB has spent years creating an ideal marshy habitat for them to breed on.

Once an extremely rare visitor to the UK, numbers arriving in the UK have increased in recent years, probably in part due to changes in climate.

In the Mediterranean, black-winged stilts are quite a common bird.

They’ve got incredibly long, bright pink legs, and look like they’re balancing on stilts.

They like to nest in shallow lagoons and salt pans, and in the UK we’ve tried to create habitat to match that and attract in more of these brilliant birds.

– Jonathan Taylor, senior site manager at Ouse Washes.
They were once an extremely rare visitor to the UK. Credit: RSPB.