Anglia Weather: Where has summer gone?

After basking in glorious sunshine for much of late June and early July, one does feel a little hard done by with the changeable weather at the moment.

I for one have popped my flip flops away for the time being and have resumed to 'normal' summer wear, much like I would have worn growing up in Ireland with an umbrella at the ready.

So what brought about the change in weather? The answer is the jet stream.

The jet stream acts like a motorway, ushering rain-bearing systems in our direction.

But just how important is the jet stream?

At the moment, we have an interesting pressure pattern. An area of low pressure is currently sitting to the northwest of the UK and, at the same time, an area of low pressure is developing out in the Atlantic.

So what is the real difference between these two areas of low pressure? The low pressure to the northwest is almost stationary because it doesn't sit underneath the jet stream and therefore is much slower to push eastwards.

The area of low pressure in the Atlantic is almost directly underneath the jet stream so it will travel across the Atlantic in about 36 to 48 hours, bring some rain and then very quickly move on again.

So when will the jet stream move away from the UK?

The answer to that is not any time in the next five days but I have every confidence we will have a spell of warm weather again!

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