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Transfer of workers to Northamptonshire sparks three-week Argos strike

Argos are hopeful deliveries won't be affected. Credit: PA

Warehouse staff at Argos are going on strike later this month following a row over hundreds of workers being moved to Northamptonshire.

Nearly 500 people were transferred from the company's distribution hub in Leicestershire to Kettering.

Members of the 'Unite' union will walk out at five sites across the country, including the Basildon depot in Essex, on August 15.

The action's due to last three weeks.

'Unite' says it's taken the step because it wants guarantees that workers’ future terms and conditions will be safeguarded.

Staff at the Basildon depot will join the strike. Credit: ITV News Anglia

What we are faced with is the thin end of the wedge with Sainbury’s pulling the strings behind the scenes – and that the not-so-hidden agenda is serious cost-cutting to the detriment of our members.

The transfer of the workers from Lutterworth to the Wincanton site at Kettering, whether they wanted to go or not, led to this strike ballot.

We want a comprehensive national agreement with the employer covering redundancy and severance packages, as well as our members at Barton being covered by such an agreement and to be allowed into the national forum, if they so wish, which is not the case at present.

– Matt Draper, Unite union

'Unite' has warned that the strike will affect deliveries, but this has been denied by Argos.

"We're disappointed with the union's actions, which are based on unreasonable demands and are wholly unnecessary," a spokesman said.

"Customers can be reassured that we have full contingency plans in place to ensure there will be no disruption to deliveries."