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£50,000 reward reissued in Corrie case

Corrie McKeague was last seen on Saturday 24 September

A £50,000 reward has been reissued in the search for the missing RAF gunner Corrie McKeague.

Corrie's mother Nicola Urquhart said a Suffolk businessman has reissued the money in the hope it could lead to fresh information about the 23 year old's disappearance.

The reward was withdrawn back in February as hopes of finding Corrie focused on a landfill site in Milton in Cambridgeshire but that search is currently on hold while an independent review is carried out.

Corrie McKeague the night before he began his RAF career. Credit: Nicola Urquhart

We are all aware that the search at the landfill has paused for the external independent review to be carried out. There is no guarantee that once this is concluded, that even if recommendations are made to continue searching specific areas of the landfill that this will be done.

Recommendations can be made, Corrie's family can request it, but it still does not mean it will be done.

It will be a decision that Suffolk Police make on the evidence they have at the time.

At this time there is only circumstantial evidence that Corrie may be in the landfill, but this is taken as the most positive line of enquiry, due to the lack of evidence that something else is possible or may have happened.

I believe that if ALL other lines of enquiry are completely exhausted, we will either find Corrie, or it will leave no doubt that Corrie has left the horseshoe in the BIFFA lorry. (making the argument to have it searched further a stronger possibility)

To this end, local business man Colin Davey has generously agreed again to put up the life changing £50,000 reward to any person that can provide information that leads to Finding Corrie.

It is never ever to late to do the right thing, For your own soul and conscience please come forward, help us to find Corrie, I need my boy home.

– Nicola Urquhart

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