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Norwich airport among top six in UK for disability access

Norwich airport is among top six in UK for disability access. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The airport in Norwich has been rated among the best in Britain for passengers with disabilities.

Norwich Airport is among six in the UK that have been rated as "very good" in a nationwide airport accessibility report.

Luton and Stansted airports are rated as "good".

Those with "very good" and "good" ratings have performed well in areas such as customer satisfaction, waiting times and engagement with disability organisations.

“It is vital that everyone can access and use transport services, and the CAA is doing excellent work around this.

"It is encouraging to see the overwhelming majority of UK airports providing a good service for passengers with a disability, but I am determined to push the aviation industry to do more.

– Chris Grayling MP, Transport Secretary
Norwich airport sees nearly half a million passengers a year. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Norwich has seen a 10% increase in passenger numbers in recent years with 473,500 travellers using the airport in 2015/16. It is ranked as the 29th biggest airport in the UK.

Norwich airport is partly owned by the Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council. The majority shareholder is Regional & City Airports which also operates airports in Exeter and Coventry.

The airport has been operating on its current site since 1967.

Norwich airport has been operating at Horsham St Faiths since 1967. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) report that assessed the top 30 UK airports on the quality of assistance they provide to passengers with a disability.

It shows that the number of people with a disability requesting extra help when travelling by air continues to grow significantly and has now reached over three million journeys in 2016 - a rise of over 66 per cent since 2010.

Four airports have not met the CAA's expectations and have been told they must improve. They are East Midlands, Exeter, Heathrow and Manchester airports.