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Extra warning signs hope to prevent more river deaths in Bedford

More warning signs have been put up around Priory Marina. Credit: Google Street View.

Extra warning signs have been put up in Bedford after three people drowned within a month of each other.

Three men died after getting into difficulty in the River Great Ouse in July. The first victim was 39-year-old Zbigniew Lasocki, known as Zibby, who was found dead on July 18.

A second man was killed less than a week later close to Priory Marina.

And police were once again called to the River Great Ouse early on July 31 where a third body was found.

Police, fire and rescue crews, and councillors hope the new signs at Priory Country Park, Priory Marina and other parts of the riverbank will make people think twice before entering the water.

Zbigniew Lasocki died in the River Great Ouse last month. Credit: Bedfordshire Police.

“I don’t want another family to feel the bitter pain that comes with losing a loved one to the water. The advice is simple: never enter the water.

"The river is central to the county’s beauty, but it must be respected at all times."

– Sgt Ben Dimmock, Bedfordshire Police.

Police think alcohol may have been involved in all three deaths but the county's fire and rescue service urged all would-be swimmers to be careful.

"Cold water, strong currents and submerged hazards can quickly overwhelm the strongest of swimmers.

“The best way to help someone else in trouble is to immediately notify emergency services using 999, keep the person under observation and confirm their location to assist with rescue."

– Steven Allen, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue.

For more water safety advice, visit the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service website.