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Jimmy Tarbuck: Sir Bruce Forsyth was Britain's 'greatest ever entertainer'

Jimmy Tarbuck was saddened to hear of Sir Bruce Forsyth's death. Credit: PA

Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has hailed his friend Sir Bruce Forsyth as the country's 'greatest ever entertainer' after the former TV presenter passed away at the age of 89 today.

Sir Bruce had been unwell for a few months and spent time in hospital earlier this year with a serious chest infection.

Mr Tarbuck learnt of his friend's death as he was preparing for a show at the Britannia Theatre in Great Yarmouth tonight, and he says he will be sorely missed.

Bruce Forsyth, without doubt, was our greatest ever entertainer.

A natural treasure - that was Bruce Forsyth. I'll miss him and I have nothing but fond memories of him.

Goodnight and God bless old friend.

– Jimmy Tarbuck