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Police patrols continue in Cromer as fresh disturbances break out

Extra police are continuing their patrols in the seaside town Credit: ITV Anglia
Some local pubs took the decision to stay shut Credit: ITV Anglia

Most businesses in the seaside town of Cromer are open as usual though there were reports of some fresh trouble on Sunday morning.

Increased police patrols are continuing in response to reports of anti-social behaviour and low-level disorder over the weekend.

Pubs and restaurants closed early last night after some disturbances in the town.

Police increased their presence amid reports of drunken antics and rowdy behaviour by gangs of youths.

Local people said it followed the arrival of a group of travellers who've set up camp in the Runton Road car park in the town.

Local MP Norman Lamb went to the town to offer his support Credit: ITV Anglia

Police say on Friday (18 August) they were called out to five incidents of theft, three from shops and two from local pubs where drinks were taken and not paid for.

Neither pub wished to take the matter forward, inquiries are ongoing in relation to two thefts and a suspect identified in a third incident was spoken to and no further action will be taken.

Officers also received calls relating to the concern for safety of a group of people standing in the middle of a road however the group had gone by the time police arrived.

At about 11.30pm police were called to Cromer Social Club following reports a large group had attended and refused to leave when asked, however police attended asked the same and the group left the club.

During the day on Saturday, police received some reports of shoplifting and low-level anti-social behaviour in the Cromer area.

At about 5pm officers were called to a pub after a large group of people refused to leave. Officers attended and engaged with the group who then left the premises. Police were made aware that other pubs in the area made the decision to close at around 7pm.

Cromer Pier was open as usual, though closed its bar to the public last night Credit: ITV Anglia

Two other incidents were reported last night:

Officers were called at about 7.15pm after reports people had taken drinks from a restaurant on Prince of Wales Road without paying. Police attended and drinks were either paid for or returned.

Shortly after 8.50pm police were called to a private bar at a caravan park following reports a large group had entered and again refused to leave when asked by the manager. Officers again attended the scene and engaged with the group who then left.

Police kept up a high presence in the town after the weekend of minor disturbances Credit: ITV Anglia

We will continue to have a police presence in the area to provide reassurance to local residents, businesses and holiday makers.

Local businesses were made aware of a small number of incidents dealt with by officers but no official police direction was given that businesses should close. Any decisions to close would be down to local businesses.

"We acknowledge there have been a number of incidents in Cromer over the weekend which will understandably cause concern. However, I can assure residents these incidents have been dealt with appropriately and are of a nature routinely dealt with in towns such as Cromer on a busy August weekend.

– Superintendent Malcolm Cooke

Breakers Cafe put this message on their Facebook page, suggesting that an eviction notice had been issued to the travellers by North Norfolk District Council.

Local businesses have been keeping customers updated through social media Credit: Facebook

Cromer Pier said it was open as normal and looking to make the most of a lovely summer's day.

General Manager Francis Guildea said the pier shut its bar to outsiders last night but the famous end of the pier show went ahead as normal.

He said staff were on alert but the pier was a family venue and staff were not expecting any trouble.

The Red Lion Hotel said it was also open as usual. The manager said they closed early last night after police encouraged a large crowd of drinkers to leave, but there was no trouble. Police were quickly on the scene to help sort the situation peacefully.

Staff at the tourist office praised police for their swift response and said they felt comforted by the extra officers patrolling the streets. Others though questioned why no arrests were made during the weekend.

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