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Female fans made to "show their bras" as part of 'security searches' into Stevenage FC

The fans reported a list of alleged failings. Credit: ITV Anglia.

A football supporters’ group has written to Stevenage FC after female fans were allegedly “asked to lift their tops to show their bras” as part of searches on entry to the ground.

The Mariners Trust who represent fans from Grimsby Town have written a letter to management at the Lamex Stadium with a long list of ‘serious failings’, after the game between the two sides on Saturday.

The alleged failings include:

  • Making some female Grimsby Town fans lift their tops and show their bras to female stewards on entry to the ground as part of ‘security searches’.
  • Children as young as five being subjected to full body searches.
  • No washing facilities in men’s toilets

The group say the treatment the fans were exposed to "was amongst the worst our fans have experienced in decades of travelling across the world to watch football."

Stevenage FC are 'investigating'. Credit: ITV Anglia.

When contacted for comment Stevenage said, "We are aware of the letter and are investigating the matter today before making any further comment."

The full letter from the Mariners Trust can be read here.

Hertfordshire Police say they were in attendance at the match but were not involved in any of the searches.

Police officers were in attendance at the match but were not involved in any of the searches that were carried out by stewards.

At this stage no allegations have been made to Hertfordshire Constabulary in relation to the actions of stewards at the football match.

If any allegations are made to police these will be fully investigated.

Police were in attendance at the match due to intelligence regarding a previous game between Chesterfield and Grimsby Town, where there was public disorder and members of the public were injured.

– Hertfordshire Police.