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Norfolk police were warned before group's arrival which saw Cromer put into weekend 'lockdown'

Norfolk Police were warned a group of travellers who had been causing disturbances in Suffolk could be on their way to the county, a neighbouring force has said.

Suffolk Police say they 'alerted' their colleagues. Credit: ITV Anglia.

It comes after a weekend of disruption in the seaside town of Cromer, which was said to be put into ‘lockdown’ as a result of antisocial behaviour and groups of men causing trouble.

Now Suffolk Police say they had warned their colleagues after they had served a group of travellers with a local authority notice to leave Lowestoft.

Suffolk police alerted their Norfolk colleagues ahead of the arrival of a group of travellers who were issued with a local authority notice to leave Lowestoft on Friday afternoon, 18 August, following multiple incidents of disturbance in the town.

– Suffolk Police.

Norfolk Police have come under fire for their reaction to the antisocial behaviour in Cromer at the weekend, with an alleged rape also potentially being linked to the arrival of the group.

A number of premises in both Cromer and Lowestoft had to be closed. Credit: ITV Anglia.

It has emerged that in Suffolk a series of incidents were linked by police to the travellers’ in Lowestoft late last week including intimidating behaviour and disruption inside locals pubs and restaurants.

A number of premises had to be closed, with those responsible being removed by police.

A spokesperson for Waveney District Council said:

An unauthorised encampment arrived at the Clifton Road car park in Lowestoft on Wednesday 16 August.

In accordance with the joint Suffolk protocol for unauthorised encampments, we worked closely with Suffolk Police and the Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Liaison Service however the site was vacated before it became necessary to begin legal proceedings.

– Waveney District Council.

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