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Cambridgeshire firefighters help tackle two major blazes

Dozens of firefighters, including crews from Cambridgeshire, have been involved in tackling two large fires in South Lincolnshire.

Homes and businesses were evacuated after a blaze broke out at Specialised Chemicals Ltd, on Tollemarche Road in Grantham, at around 3pm yesterday.

Over 50 firefighters spent several hours dealing with the incident and surrounding roads were closed. Crews are still at the scene damping down.

A drone picture from Lincolnshire Police shows the devastation at Specialised Chemicals Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Then, shortly before 5pm, a fire broke out at a scrap yard on South Fen Road in Bourne near Stamford.

Firefighters from Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire were called to help as ten crews were dispatched to deal with the incident.

The fire on South Fen Road in Bourne near Stamford. Credit: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service