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Hedgehog hospital trying to save the prickly creatures

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A hedgehog hospital near Cambridge has been fundraising to continue its work trying to reverse the decline of the population.

It costs thousands of pounds each month to run the rescue centre at Shepreth Wildlife Park.

Back in the 1950s it was estimated that there were around 30 million hedgehogs.

Now the total UK population is believed to have dropped below 1 million.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Over the years the bills have started mounting up, so we're spending out over £3,500 every single month to keep the hospital open, we're seeing between 650-700 hedgehogs admitted every year, at the moment we're overcapacity so we have over 100 in the hospital when we should only have 86 in there

– REBECCA WILLERS, Shepreth Wildlife Park
Credit: ITV News Anglia