What happened to the hot weather?

Daisies in a field Photo: Jo Clarke

Over the bank holiday weekend, there was a brief blast of heat from the continent and it seemed that summer was here to stay. So what happened to hot weather?

Late last week hot air was seeping into parts of Spain from Africa. This air then travelled across France and into the UK.

The hot stream of air combined with high pressure across the UK meant the weather was slow moving and the feed of warm air could continue uninterrupted.

However, high pressure has now started push away to the east, taking the hot air as it does so. It is being replaced by cooler air from the north west.

So how did this affect the air temperature over the last few days? Here is a quick snapshot:

About 48 hours ago, this is how the temperatures looked.

Low tide Credit: Jacquie Yaxley

Below shows Wednesday's afternoon temperatures. They are very similar to the temperatures reported this morning, thus there has been little or no increase in the air temperature today.

Raindrops on a window Credit: ITV Anglia.

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