Goodbye summer - meteorological autumn has arrived

Blue sky and autumn coloured leaves Photo: Carla Sears

About two days ago I received the picture above from a viewer.

The trees are amber and gold and it struck me how sudden the change in season can seem.

I think most people enjoy the colours of autumn and for me the change is most noticeable at the start and end of every day when the shadows get a little longer and the mornings are a bit later to start.

Golden trees beside a lake. Credit: Carla Sears

At this time of year we lose about 4 minutes of daylight every day. The nights are longer and therefore it can get colder overnight.

We are more likely to see, mist, fog or dew on the grass. As the autumn wears on frost is more likely to form overnight.

Frost on the grass at sunrise at the beginning of summer Credit: Jo Clarke

Just how was the summer of 2017?

The provisional Met Office statistics are in and it was warmer than average for most of Eastern England.

Across the UK, June was the fifth warmest on record and East Anglia has been the warmest region when compared to the longer term average.

Temperature statistics for the UK Credit: Met Office

The summer has also been wetter than average for most but across East Anglia there are some areas that did recorded below average rainfall.

Rainfall statistics for the UK Credit: Met Office

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