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Firefighters deal with major blaze at Braintree industrial estate

Firefighters tackle the blaze in Braintree. Credit: Red Carpet Video/ Essex Fire and Rescue Service

Two warehouse units have been destroyed following a major fire at an industrial estate in Braintree.

Firefighters from across the county were called to the 80m x 30m warehouse on Springwood Drive just before 5.30am and found the building engulfed in flames.

Two of the units, which were used to store vehicles and furniture, were damaged beyond repair but crews did manage to save a further two units.

Two units in the building were destroyed. Credit: Essex Fire and Rescue Service

Local residents were warned to keep their doors and windows closed due to the large amount of smoke being produced and the police closed a number of roads in the area.

Loud bangs were also heard inside the building as a result of tyres and cylinders exploding.

An investigation into how the fire started is now underway.

Firefighters have worked extremely hard to stop this fire from spreading to the other two businesses in this large industrial unit. The first fire crews on scene very quickly requested extra fire engines and two aerial ladder platforms to tackle the fire and through their hard work we got on top on this incident very quickly.

Unfortunately two units have been completely destroyed but we were able to save the other two units.

Now the fire is almost out, we are preparing to scale down the incident to just five engines and the ALPs who will continue to dampen down the remaining pockets of fires and hot spots.

– Mark Samuels, Incident Commander