What is wind chill and why are we experiencing it?

What is wind chill? Photo: ITV Anglia

Time for autumn

The first storm of the UK season has pushed through - Storm Aileen - and as the storm moved to the east we are left with an interesting pressure pattern that means we are dragging in cold air from very far north.

The coldest air of autumn so far.

The jet stream has an important role in bringing in different types of weather into the British Isles. The jet is a fast-moving ribbon of air very high up in the atmosphere.

The jet stream is very strong at the moment and it is the combination of a strong jet along with brisk surface winds that are quickly bringing in the colder conditions.

But this is only one aspect of wind chill.

What is wind chill?

Have you ever stepped out of a warm shower and it feels much colder in the room than when you first stepped into the shower?

In fact you are perceiving a lower air temperature because of the flow of air around your wet skin.

When we introduce brisk winds into the equation the rate of heat loss is even quicker as the wind evaporates moisture from the skin, reducing the temperature of your body more quickly.

Click on the video to hear an explanation of wind chill

Over the next few days, cooler air pushes in plus it is quite windy.

The combined effects mean that although the air temperature on the weather charts states that is about 14°C it actually feels more like 10°C.

Air temperature across The Anglia Region.

Air temperature across the Anglia region Credit: ITV Weather Graphics

'Feels like' air temperature across The Anglia Region

'Feels like' temperature from wind chill across the Anglia region Credit: ITV Weather Graphics

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