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Exclusive ITV Anglia report shows too few women in top business roles in our region

See Kate Prout's exclusive report here

Figures obtained by ITV Anglia show that our region falls far behind the national average in terms of the number of female directors there are. Suffolk has the highest number of Company Directors at just 20%, In Norfolk that figure drops to 16%. Cambridgeshire, known for its hi-tech businesses and supposed modern working practises has just 13 % of women in the boardroom while in Essex the situation is even worse, where women represent just 12% of directors. The national average is 26%

"At the root of a lot of issues for women are a lot of unconscious bias. It's the real bedrock of society and unconscious bias that men and women get into and don't think they're doing. That's one of the fundamental issues that faces women in general in business. I think then what happens in business, the key word is flexibility. Or, more to the point, lack of it. I had one maternity leave and when I watched other friends have a second or a third maternity leave, if they're not getting the support and flexibility and they're out of the business three times that gives them even more of a challenge. And the fact I had one maternity leave made it slightly easier for me to get traction and momentum in my career"

– Minnie Moll, Joint Chief Exec, East of England Co-op

Female business leaders say more flexibility at work and better maternity conditions would help improve these figures.

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