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Police force trying to get more officers back on frontline

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Northamptonshire Police is shaking things up in a bid to get more officers back on the frontline.

The force has spent 18 months analysing demand and invested two million pounds to launch - what it calls - a "new policing model".

Bosses say it'll free up more frontline officers and make the public safer

Credit: ITV News Anglia

When we're on response - we want to be responding. If we get a job from the control room saying, can you go and speak to this person please - we don't want to be saying - I'm sorry I can't go at the moment, because I'm dealing with this crime or because I'm dealing with something else that you gave me or that I booked on a previous day. I'm hoping - what it looks like will happen - is that we will have that time to be able to do more of the jobs that the control room are giving us and actually spend more time responding to jobs.

– PC Chris Marshall, Northamptonshire Police

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