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Riding high: the charity setting up its own riding school

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A charity that's spent years teaching disadvantaged children to ride horses is setting up its very own riding school.

The Ride High charity used to hire space just outside the town - but it's just moved in to its own 40-acre site in the middle of Milton Keynes

The riding school will be open to the public, with profits going back into the charity Credit: ITV News Anglia

"This is absolutely an extraordinary opportunity, because, up until now, the children have really just come and ridden. Now, they can actually do work experience at our place, so, for the first time, we can actually get things on their CV, which will help them for the rest of their lives, even more than we were before, we can provide apprenticeships, so, the opportunities are enormous."

– Rachel Medill, Founder, Ride High

"It's fabulous, 37 acres, just on the edge of Milton Keynes, five minutes drive from the city centre, where else in Britain would you find this sort of facility? It's a fantastic purpose-built equestrian centre, needs a bit of work doing, we're doing that now, we're bringing it up to speed, but, it will be the centre for equestrian - not just for Milton Keynes - but, I think, for the district and beyond."

– Cllr David Hopkins, Mayor of Milton Keynes