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Schools need to splash the cash to keep swimming pools open

Since local authorities stopped subsidising schools to keep and maintain their pools many have had to close and there are concerns more will follow.

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Drayton Junior School near Norwich had to raise £50,000 in two years to carry out urgent repairs on the pool roof and heating system so it could remain in use. But not every school has the ability to raise that sort of money. Active Norfolk says it is trying to raise money itself to assess pools in the county and support those in need of most urgent repairs.

"10 of the 17 schools in greater norwich area are on school sites. The public funds are stretched. There was a subsidy from local authorities but schools are expected to maintain the pools themselves. Educational budgets are stretched and there are higher educational pressures. It's not necessarily a priority for these schools. And really because it's slipping down the priority list and a lot of pools are getting to the point in their life when they need maintenance and there just isn't the money available"

– Stephen Hulme, Active Norfolk

Around half of all 7 to 11 year olds can't swim a length (25metres) unaided. And 1 in 5 adults can't swim either. In the UK, drowning accounts for more accidental fatalities than house fires