1. ITV Report

Anglia weather: chilly evening with outbreaks of rain

Credit: Graham Custance

This Evening and Tonight:

A chilly evening but cloud thickening with outbreaks of rain spreading from the west after midnight. Mostly light rain but the odd heavier burst mixed in. Turning breezier but milder. Minimum temperature 2 deg C (36 deg F).


Outbreaks of rain at first, most persistent in the north and east. Turning brighter and drier into the afternoon, but still the odd patch of light rain. Breezy but milder. Maximum temperature 13 deg C (55 deg F).

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

An increasingly unsettled spell with occasional periods of rain, some heavy, but also some drier interludes. Windy at times, particularly Thursday with a risk of gales. Mostly mild.