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Stephen Fry relaunches Christmas campaign raising money for Alzheimer's research

The campaign was first launched last year. Credit: Alzheimer's Research UK.

Stephen Fry has given his backing to a film by Cambridgeshire charity Alzheimer's Research UK.

The animation 'Santa Forgot Christmas' has just been re-launched in the hope of raising awareness of dementia.

Stephen Fry, who provided the voiceover says he hopes future generations "will only be reading about Alzheimer's and not experiencing it".

We have to address the problem of dementia scientifically and properly and the public's response to the thought-provoking video last Christmas has helped Alzheimer's Research UK invest more than ever to drive new research breakthroughs this year.

– Stephen Fry

Launched last year the video reached almost 14 million people online.

It's hoped this year, the video will be seen by even more people.

The fact that dementia has become the UK's leading cause of death this month is a stark reminder why the messages in Santa Forgot are just as important this Christmas as they were last.

We know that although our scientists are making great strides, we have a long way to go to catch up with developments already benefiting people with other major health conditions.

– Hilary Evans, Chief Executive of Alzheimer's Research UK