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Police advice on keeping cats safe after series of attacks

Police are offering advice on how to keep cats safe Credit: PA

Police are issuing advice to pet owners following a number of cat mutilations in Northamptonshire.

Officers are working with the RSPCA and the Metropolitan police to investigate the cases.

There have also been other incidents of pet mutilations in Luton and Buckinghamshire as well as parts of the South East.

Police are investigating the deaths of more than 250 cats in a series of attacks over the last two years, along with rabbits and foxes as part of Operation Takahe.

  • If possible keep cats inside at night or when you plan to be out of the house for long periods.
  • Make sure you have a cat flap, so if threatened or scared, your cat has access to your home straight away.
  • If possible check on your cats periodically when they are outside and ask neighbours to keep an eye on them.
  • Have your pets microchipped
  • Bring guinea pigs and rabbits inside.
  • Maintain strict feeding schedule so your cat returns home the same time every day.
  • Watch out for suspicious behaviour. For example, someone approaching animals, looking in gardens and under vehicles.
Animal deaths over last two years

"I want to reassure the public that we are taking these crimes seriously and will continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Police who are investigating similar offences. We understand how important pets are to their owners and that cats are part of the family so it’s important to us that we investigate these crimes in order to bring the person/people responsible to justice."

– Spokesperson, Northamptonshire police