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Daventry man jailed for nine years after admitting manslaughter

A man from Daventry has been sentenced to nine years in prison after admitting manslaughter.

David Barnes was originally charged with murder. Credit: Northamptonshire Police.

David Barnes, 28, was involved in the death of Stuart Hutchings, 22, in Eastern Avenue North, Northampton in May this year.

Mr Hutchings - who was riding a motorbike - was seriously injured following a collision with a Ford Fiesta Mr Barnes was driving.

He had been chased through the town by Mr Barnes' who thought he had stolen his brother's motorbike.

He died in hospital six days later.

  • In CCTV released by the police the car David Barnes was driving can be seen speeding behind Mr Hutchings who was riding the motorbike.

Craig Turner, 26, who was originally charged with murder and was in the car alongside Barnes, was acquitted.

This has been a tragic case where a young man has sadly lost his life. Even though the case has concluded today, the family remain devastated knowing that they will never see Stuart again.

His daughter was only born a few weeks ago and she will grow up without her father.

David Barnes has been sentenced today for nine years for manslaughter and this demonstrates the serious consequences you face for trying to take the law into your own hands.

– Detective Inspector Stuart Hitchon, Northamptonshire Police