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Man pleads for grandmother's killer not to be released until he reveals where he hid her body

A man from Northamptonshire whose grandmother was murdered before he was born has told ITV News Anglia that he is still fighting for the truth about her death.

Neil Gillingham's grandfather, Russell Causley, was one of the first to be convicted of the murder of Carole Packman in 1985 - despite a body never being found.

At the end of this week, a parole board at Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire will meet to decide whether he should be released.

However, Neil says says Causley should not walk free until he tells the family where her body is so they can lay his grandmother to rest.

Russell Causley is currently serving life for Carole's murder. Credit: Family photo

"When he's released, we no longer have a 20 foot wall between me and him," Neil told ITV News Anglia.

"We no longer have a 20 foot wall between me and my family. Instead what we have is a very cold and calculated, manipulative, devious woman killer."

32 years on from her death, Causley has still not revealed where he hid Carole's body and has consistently taunted his family from behind bars by confessing to killing Carole and then later saying he made it up.

Russell Causley has never said where he hid Carole's body. Credit: Family photo

Now, Neil is desperate for a change in the law that would take control away from him.

"We're seeing this more and more with other high profile cases. Whether it is Keith Bennet and the Moors murders or whether we look at April Jones," he said.

"What we're saying is that we would like to be able to make it very, very clear to criminals when they are first sentenced, when they are found guilty of murder and there is no doubt whatsoever that that person must reveal the location of their victims remains before that person is released."