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Elderly man rescued from the sea

An elderly man was rescued from the sea at Clacton in Essex after getting into difficulty in the water.

The 77-year-old from Ipswich was spotted face down off the town’s beach yesterday afternoon by members of the public and one of Tendring District Council’s Beach Patrol team.

Beth Higgins was making her wayback to the boathouse from a regular patrol when she saw the man and went to help three people get him out of the water.

An off-duty nurse checked the man over and stayed with him along with members of the team until paramedics and an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.


Police appeal on third anniversary of murder

Karoly 'Charlie' Varga
Karoly 'Charlie' Varga Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Northamptonshire Police have made a new appeal for witnesses on the third anniversary of the murder of a Hungarian man in Wellingborough.

Karoly 'Charlie' Varga being was assaulted in his home in Cannon Street with a hatchet-like weapon on the afternoon of Wednesday 27 July 2011, shortly after he had let in an unidentified visitor.

76-year-old Charlie Varga had lived in the United Kingdom since the 1950s.

Northamptonshire Police are appealing for anybody who finds the murder weapon or abandoned black and grey Lonsdale training shoes to make contact with them.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Kinchin said: "Even after three years this murder remains an open investigation, and I still believe it can still be solved. The case is reviewed whenever there is an advance in forensic science, but key to solving the case would be the discovery of the murder weapon and the killer's training shoes."

The murder weapon and the key to Mr Varga's back door were taken from the scene by the killer who would have needed to dispose of the weapon, and could have hidden it anywhere in the Cannon Street area of Wellingborough, or further afield. The murderer also would have needed to dispose of his clothing, including a pair of black and grey Lonsdale training shoes.

DCI Kinchin added: "While many materials decompose over time, items such as the murder weapon and the killer's Lonsdale training shoes would be likely to survive to this day and finding these items would be a major breakthrough. If the murderer did not destroy these items, they would certainly want to hide them and so they could still be lying undiscovered.

"The murderer would probably not want to travel very far with the weapon, so it may have been pushed into a hedge, thrown into a garden, or hidden in the rubbish and undergrowth of the many alleys and overgrown areas around the street off Cannon Street and Clark Road.

"It may even be that somebody has later found the weapon in their garden and kept it, not realising its significance."

A £10,000 Crimestoppers Reward remains unclaimed for information leading to the conviction of Charlie's killer.

Plans approved for new £340 million campus

Artist's impression of the new campus
Artist's impression of the new campus

Plans to build a three hundred and thirty million pound campus at the University of Northampton have been approved by the council. The new campus will be based in the Waterside Enterprise Zone. The student accommodation will contain 1,500 beds and a visitors' hotel with 150 bedrooms. Building work is forecast to finish in time for the arrival of new students in September 2018.

Artist's impression of the new campus
Artist's impression of the new campus

Here's Russell Hookey's report:


Thieves steal mannequin before charity auction

The stolen mannequin
The stolen mannequin

Thieves have stolen a painted mannequin which had been due to be auctioned off for charity in Cambridge. The artwork had been on show on top of a garage roof in Chesterton Road, when it was stolen between 9pm on Tuesday (July 28) and 7.30am yesterday (Tuesday). It was due to be auctioned off in the next few days.

Wardens to patrol Bawsey Pits

Bawsey Pits
Bawsey Pits Credit: Mike Page

A warden will be patroling Bawsey Pits in Norfolk over the summer holidays to stop people from swimming in the lakes there. Two men drowned in separate incidents on the same day more than a year ago. There are reports people are already bathing there again. The wardens will be giving out leaflets warning people of the dangers.

Former Royal Household official sent for trial

An aerial view of Buckingham Palace
An aerial view of Buckingham Palace

A top official in the Royal Household, who is from Suffolk, has been sent for trial charged with receiving payments of more than £100,000 to award contracts for work at royal palaces.

Ron Harper, who worked as Deputy Property Manager at the Royal Household from 1994 until he was suspended in 2012, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court with eight other men and one woman, who all indicated not guilty pleas.

It is alleged that between 2006 and 2011, a number of company directors bribed Harper, 61, of Glemsford, Sudbury, in return for him awarding them large contracts for work at the Royal Palaces.

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