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Pensioner still changing road signs showing metric measurements

Credit: ITV News Anglia

A pensioner from Huntingdon has been fighting to rid the streets of metric measurements by changing road signs to only show imperial measurements

Derek Norman who's 82, is the chairman of the Active Resistance to Metrification group and has spent the past 16 years removing and altering almost 2,000 road signs across the country

Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's part of our culture and heritage, why should we abandon that? That was our idea that we wanted to preserve our history and it would just be wiped out if everything went metric... I still prefer, and I think most people prefer to use imperial measurements especially with weight height or distance and as I say I think the majority of people still prefer that."

– Derek Norman

At its height the group had a hundred members, targeting high profile places including the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament.

However Derek concedes he's now fighting a losing battle and that in 20 years time he predicts all measurements will be metric.


Fruit fancies gain online following

A woman from Milton Keynes has made a name for herself by carving fruit and vegetables into works of art.

Credit: Lucy Gomes

Lucy Gomes has gained hundreds of online followers by posting pictures of everything from kiwi koalas to pineapple parrots to strawberry sharks.

“When I look at a fruit or a vegetable I think of an animal or a character and I’m like... ah what can I use to make them? The watermelon I make fruit bowls out of it, orange men and flowers.”

– Lucy Gomes

Lucy has written two e-books and has plans to publish a hard copy.

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