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Suffolk man becomes internet sensation by turning rubbish into artwork

Your dustbin may not be the prettiest thing in your garden but one man from Suffolk is changing all that.

Brett Day from Beccles has become an internet sensation by turning rubbish into artwork.

He spray paints stunning images onto bins and films the process to teach people tips and one of his videos has now been viewed more than 110 million times.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Tanya Mercer

Giant Roman arcade found underneath block of Colchester flats

It's being described as one of the most exciting archaeological finds in this region in recent times.

A giant Roman arcade, found beneath a new block of flats in Colchester.

Longer than a running track and taller than two double decker buses - it's almost certainly the biggest of its kind in the whole of Britain.

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Archaeologists hail discovery of 'extraordinary' Roman arcade in Colchester

The Roman arcade was discovered in Colchester. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Archaeologists in Colchester have found what could be the biggest Roman arcade ever built in Britain.

The arches and columns supported a massive gateway to a temple dedicated to the emperor Claudius.

It was eventually razed to the ground by the Iceni tribe led by Queen Boadicea.

"The arcade is the largest thing of its kind that we know of in Britain.

In fact, there was a similar structure found in France very recently and that is about 70 metres long - ours is 120 metres long.

It's extraordinary."

– Philip Crummy, Colchester Archaeologist Trust

Exhibition shows the fun, familiar, dark and different sides of childhood

Some of the exhibits celebrating a million years of childhood. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

A museum in Cambridge has opened an exhibition celebrating a million years of childhood.

Children have outnumbered adults for most of human history - but their stories have rarely been the focus of museum exhibitions.

But now experts at the Cambridge Museum of Archeology and Anthropology have spent the past year uncovering the hidden secrets of Cambridgeshire children through the ages.

Objects featured in the exhibition include the familiar - including a box of coloured glass marbles - and the more surprising. A sledge made from a horse's jaw is thought to date back to somewhere between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The exhibition also explores the darker side of some Cambridgeshire childhoods: there are the remains of an Anglo-Saxon teenage girl discovered in a mass grave in Oakington, and a pair of tiny handcuffs which would have been used by local authorities on children as young as ten.

Hide and Seek: Looking for Children in the Past runs until January 2017.

Watch Chloe Keedy's report below.


Raising a glass to Norfolk landlord's one millionth pint

Phillip Cutter pulls his one millionth pint at The Murderers pub in Norwich. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

A Norwich landlord has pulled his one millionth pint.

Phillip Cutter, who runs the Murderers, has spent 28 years behind the bar on Timber Hill.

"When I left school, I didn't know that, 30 years on, I would still be working in the same pub I was in as a young glass collector but every day is different, every day is a laugh.

"It's all about enjoying what you do."

– Phillip Cutter, landlord.

The landlord says he still enjoys his job and hopes to be raising a glass to his two millionth pint in another 30 years' time.

Norfolk brewer Woodforde's has created a special, limited-edition beer to mark Mr Cutter's milestone - called One in a Phillion. It is described as a "light and zesty golden ale".

Phillip Cutter behind the bar at The Murderers in Norwich, where he has worked for 28 years. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Dad's Army film to get local premiere in Suffolk

The new Dad's Army film, which gets its local premiere tonight. Credit: Columbia Pictures/Universal Pictures.

After its glitzy London launch last week, today it is the turn of Suffolk to host the new Dad's Army film's local premiere.

Stowmarket's Regal Theatre is kicking off its 80th birthday celebrations with a special red-carpet showing of the film this afternoon.

Lucky ticket holders will walk the red carpet and, in keeping with the film, will enjoy a nice cup of tea and a piece of birthday cake on arrival.

The original television series was filmed across the border at Thetford and fans of the show, who work in the town's museum, feature as extras in the movie.

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