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Comedy dad makes daughter laugh and racks up two million video views

A fine use of a bald head. Credit: TheLadBible

A dad from Stowmarket has become an online sensation after posting a video of him dancing to cheer his daughter up when she was stuck in hospital.

Paul Cooper's daughter had a broken thumb, so in an attempt to make her smile he posted this.

It got picked up by popular site TheLadBible and has now been seen almost two million times.

'Mary' the world's biggest airship leaves the ground

The airship floats a few feet from the ground. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The world’s largest aircraft has left the ground - albeit only by a few feet.

The massive airship which has been pumped full of helium is tethered in the Cardington Hangars in Bedfordshire.

Known affectionately to engineers as 'Mary' she is about the same size as a football pitch and 25% bigger than a Boeing 747 aeroplane.

It is hoped ships like this could be used to transport freight and passengers burning a fifth of the fuel conventional aircraft do.


Essex's 'Number One Dog Catcher' does it again

PC Self with the lost Rottweiler. Credit: Essex Police

An Essex policeman renowned for reuniting lost dogs with their owners has done it again, after returning a Rottweiler he found in Colchester.

PC Joe Self has been dubbed Essex Police’s ‘Number One Dog Catcher’ by his colleagues as this is his ninth 'lost pet related' success story since joining the force.

He took the dog to the vets after being alerted to an animal running along the side of a road on Cowdray Avenue.

“When I arrived at 'VetsNow’ the vet checked her over and fortunately she had no injuries. I think she had just worn herself out as she was gasping for a drink of water. The staff then scanned her for a microchip, which she luckily had.

“I was very relieved that she hadn't been hurt as she was such a lovely tempered dog.”

– PC Self

Northampton school enter the world record books in colourful fashion

The pupils gather on the playground. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A school in Northampton has secured its places in the record books.

More than 1,500 pupils at Abbeyfield School flooded onto the playground yesterday (November 24) to set a new world record for the number of high visibility vests worn in one place.

How many pupils were involved in the world record attempt.
Fortuna Melhem from Guinness World Records counts the vests. Credit: ITV News Anglia

There was a serious message though with the aim being to teach those taking part about road safety.

"They broke a brand new Guinness world record.

1,543 people gathered here today. Everything was kept to the guidelines and they broke a brand news Guinness World Records title."

– Fortuna Melhem

Click below for the full report from ITV Anglia's Stuart Leithes.


Rare chance to see Evelyn Glennie's musical instrument collection

A world musical star from the ITV Anglia region is raising money for the refugee crisis by giving fans a chance to see her huge instrument collection.

Percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie has sold ten tickets to have a tour of her instrument store near Huntingdon. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The profoundly deaf percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie has sold ten tickets on eBay to have a tour of her instrument store near Huntingdon.

The money raised will go to Oxfam's Emergency appeal.The Glennie Aluphone played at the London Olympics will be one of many instruments on display.

ITV News Anglia reporter Stuart Leithes was lucky enough to be shown the collection and you can watch his report by clicking below

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