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Do EU still love me? Brexit's putting a strain on our relationships

Counsellors in Cambridge say Brexit is often cited as a reason for arguments. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

It certainly put a strain on our political parties - now counsellors in Cambridgeshire say Brexit is causing problems in our relationships too.

Relate, in Cambridge, has found many couples coming to see them are citing the result of the EU referendum as one of the causes of tensions for them.

"Clients don't always come with one specific issue and they don't always present with the issue that's really bugging them.

"I think all these things are going on under the surface and I think how a couple or a family manages differences of opinion is key to an issue like this."

– Elaine Taylor, Cambridge Relate.

But it is not just differences of opinion over which way to vote that has caused problems - worries about the future are an ongoing reason for disagreements.

Matthew Hudson reports.



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