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Festival of Plants

The Botanic Garden in Cambridge is hostimg its third annual Festival of Plants on Saturday 16th May.

Organisers say the festival has something for everyone, and brings together horticulture and cutting-edge science in a day designed to inspire the visiting public about all things plant - from propagation to pollination, from seed to shopping.

Some of the region's top plant scientists will be packing out the pop-up plant science marquee, bringing a wide range of displays and have-a-go activities all designed to illuminate how fundamental research into how plants work could help address some of today's most challenging concerns from how to feed a growing population of 7.5 million to finding ways that biodiversity and agriculture can co-exist.

There'll also be plenty of unusual plants on sale and visitors can ask the experts about their gardening concerns.


Thousands take part in 'dirty weekend'

Thousands of people have converged on Burghley House near Stamford for a dirty weekend. But it's not what you may think - the grounds of the house have been transformed into the longest and possibly muddiest, obstacle course.

Thousands took on the obstacle course Credit: ITV News Anglia

More than 6000 people scrambled across 20 miles and 20 themed zones, conquering over 200 obstacles including the world's longest set of monkey bars and the longest cat crawl under netting.

"I think it kind of harks back to our inner childhood you know. People seem to really love it and certainly over the last couple of years people have very much embraced this type of event and this type of sport and leisure... There's plenty of water in the course, there are inflatables, things to jump off, plank walks, hay bales, lots of mud obviously and big scaffolding structures."

– Jim Mee - Rat Race Adventure Sports
The course is 20 miles long Credit: ITV News Anglia


Fans flock to Peterborough for 'Truckfest'

Monster trucks are among the thousands on display Credit: ITV News Anglia

Trucking fans are heading to Peterborough for the second day of 'Truckfest'.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the two-day festival at Peterborough's East of England Showground. The festival has now been running for 33 years.

Organisers say that more than 2000 vehicles have registered to be displayed at the event, including car-crushing Monster trucks, vintage vehicles and heavily-customised motors.

Ely celebrates the humble eel

The annual Eel Festival returns to Ely in Cambridgeshire this weekend. On Saturday morning a procession will parade through the city, along Waterside to Jubilee Gardens.

A giant eel will lead the parade Credit: ITV News Anglia

There will be dancing, historic displays, a town criers contest and an eel throwing race. Competitors use stuffed toys rather than real eels.

It is said that in Saxon times the Isle of Ely paid Peterborough 80,000 eels to buy the stones that were then used to build Ely Cathedral. The festival aims to celebrate the eel's humble heritage, and the local area's history and traditions.

Free flower Friday

Flower arrangers around the East of England are preparing little bunches of flowers which they're going to leave around the region on Friday 1st May for people to find.

The National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies is marking National Flower Arranging Day by leaving 60,000 'lonely bouquets' across the country.

Some will be in phone boxes, some on park benches and others in various random locations. More than 40 flower clubs in the region are taking part in the event.

'Lonely bouquets' are being left for people to find

Organisers say it's a kind of goodwill gesture that involves leaving a bouquet in a public place to be picked up by an unsuspecting passerby.

The motivation is to bring a smile to someone’s face.

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