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First World War documents to go on show in libraries

Many unseen images and copies of documents relating to the First World War are to go on show in libraries across Northamptonshire.

The records, which are held by Northamptonshire County Council's archives service, will be on display at selected libraries across the county between November 14th and 21st.

"Every day at the archive, staff and visitors discover new things, whether it is a will from the 15th century showing the possessions of an ancestor, or the signatures and seals of royalty, it's all here. Our role is to preserve these unique documents for current and future generations to enjoy, and this exhibition is one part of that."

– Cllr Jim Harker, Leader of the County Council

The exhibition includes letters sent home from the front by Arthur Bonham from Northampton.

The letters give a first hand account of life in the trenches, gas attacks and references to what would become known as the Battle of the Somme.

The documents can be seen at the Record Office at Wootton Hall Park, as well as the following libraries: Northampton, Kettering, Daventry, Wellingborough, Towcester, Rushden and Corby


Felixstowe's Spa Pavilion theatre to re-open

The Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

Felixstowe's iconic Spa Pavilion is set to re-open this weekend.

The theatre which originally opened in 1909 was forced to close two years ago when the council said it could't afford to fund it.

In March it was sold to a theatre company for an undisclosed sum.

Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hearing dog and owner given award for bravery

Matthew Lunney and his hearing dog Joe at home in Northampton Credit: ITV News Anglia

A hearing dog from Northampton's scooped a bravery award after saving its owner from a mugging.

Matthew Lunney was born deaf and relies on Joe to alert him to sounds. And it was Joe who heard someone trying to ambush Matt as he was in his car.

Joe is a hearing dog who helps alerting owner with everyday sounds Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I've never heard him bark like that before. But, because of that, the man let go of the door handle and ran off."

– Matthew Lunney
Matthew receiving his award Credit: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

They were given the award by Dame Esther Rantzen at the Hearing Dogs Awards in London. They walked away with the 'Specsavers Heroic Partnership of the Year Award."

Meet Hagrid: The record breaking 11-stone dog

Leonbergers are a mix of Newfie, longhaired Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees. Credit: ITV Anglia.

A dog from Harlow has set a new world record for the most items caught by a dog in 30 seconds.

The aptly named Hagrid - who weighs-in at 11 stone - attempted the trick with biscuits at first but they simply weren't tasty enough.

So his owner Sarah Woodthorpe-Evans brought Hagrid back two hours later armed with sausages and Hagrid managed 13.

Liz Summers went to meet him.


Swan goes walkabout - gets road users in a flap

Road user Chris Hobbins caught the 'pursuit' on camera Credit: @Chrishobbins

A swan caused tailbacks during rush hour yesterday night as police were called to get it off the road.

It happened on the A45 westbound just after 6pm, causing problems for drivers trying to get home.

A policeman gave 'pursuit' and after a short time, managed to get the bird off the carriageway safely.

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