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Donation is forty years pasta it's sell by date

The 40 year old pasta handed into Colchester Foodbank Credit: Colchester Foodbank

Colchester Foodbank has received its oldest donation yet - a bag of pasta that went out of date 40 years ago.

Volunteers made the discovery while routinely checking dates on items.

It arrived on a day when the centre received more than one tonne of donations, and interim manager Michael Beckett said he could not be specific about where it came from.

The bag of macaroni pasta, with a use-by date of 1977, was found along with a second bag of pasta which went out of date in 1979 and a packet of Sainsbury's instant mashed potato that went out of date in 1979/80

I imagine someone had a clear-out of the back of a cupboard, a pantry maybe at grandma's house - 40-year-old pasta is not the sort of thing most people have in their house.

We do appreciate what people give us but if it's like this we can't really use it.

– Michael Beckett Colchester Foodbank


Twin 'pilot' brothers take final flight before retirement

Twin brothers have retired as British Airways pilots after landing their final flights just 30 seconds apart at Heathrow Airport. Captains Jeremy; from Flitton in Bedfordshire and Nick Hart celebrated their 60th birthdays by touching down for the last time at the west London hub.

Nick flew in from Gothenburg, Sweden, at 12.34pm on Thursday, while his brother Jeremy landed after flying from Geneva, Switzerland, at 12.35pm.

Between them they have clocked up almost 45,000 flying hours and flown more than two million passengers.

Jeremy described landing alongside his brother as "a good way to finish".

He could not resist poking fun at the UK's congested airspace after his final flight in an Airbus A320. "I've spent over two and-a-half years in the air, a lot of it in the holding pattern over Heathrow."

Despite working for the same airline, the brothers did not fly together as they are both captains.

Jeremy signed up to BA 30 years ago in 1987, while Nick joined the company from British Midland in 2012, when it was absorbed by the flag carrier.

The pair are not strictly identical, but look and sound so similar that they are often mistaken for one another.

"They arrived in the world 30 minutes apart, flew the same aircraft in the same airline, and then departed in the same manner that they arrived. Minutes apart. A fitting finale to long and impressive careers and I know that they will be sorely missed on the fleet."

– BA's head Airbus pilot James Basnett

James Bond causes stir at Cambridge cafe

Staff did a double take when Daniel Craig walked through the door! Credit: The Copper Kettle

Staff at a Cambridge cafe were left somewhat shaken but not stirred when the actor Daniel Craig popped in for a spot of breakfast.

The James Bond star visited The Copper Kettle in the city on Monday morning.

Staff told ITV News Anglia that the actor tucked into scrambled eggs, bacon and a cup of coffee.

He's not the first celebrity to pop in though. The Copper Kettle has a Wall of Fame displaying photographs of all of its famous customers.

"We were all in a bit of shock wondering whether it was him. But he is very recognisable with those piercing blue eyes!"

We weren't expecting that on a Monday morning but it was a lovely surprise. We had actress Tilda Swinton last week and Amanda Holden within the past year. But Daniel Craig definitely tops the list."

– Burik Temelli, Manager
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