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Heading to the highest road in Europe- in Robin Reliants!

Some of the group heading out! Credit: Tour de Lard!

A group of friends from Hertfordshire has set off on a rather unique journey - in three wheelers.

The 8 strong team from Rushden are driving to the highest paved road in the Alps - in vintage Reliant Robins and sidecars.

It will take them 10 days to complete the 1600 mile round trip. They're aiming to raise more than £10,000 for local children's charities.

Credit: Tour de Lard

In the summer of 2013, the group, known as Tour de Lard rode 50cc mopeds from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise money for the Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City.

They aimed for £10,000 and with gift aid raised over £12,000.00. LEts hope they do just as well this time!

Credit: Tour de Lard


Cambridgeshire pilot relives his incredible stunt

The incredible feat is thought to be a world first Credit: Red Bull Media.

A Cambridgeshire pilot has been reliving the moment he pulled off an incredible stunt- flying just feet away from another plane through a hangar!

Leader Paul Bonhomme, from South Cambridgeshire and his Wingman Steve Jones flew through the hangar at speeds of up to 185mph.

The commercial pilot has been talking to ITV News Anglia about the amazing achievement...


Policeman says viral hit is "nothing out of the ordinary"

We often hear people bemoaning the absence of Bobbies on the beat, but here's some proof that it's not all bad. PC Chris Stevens was on patrol in Kingsthorpe, in Northampton, when he spotted a man struggling home with heavy shopping - having caught the wrong bus. As PC Chris helped walk him home, a passer by took a picture and shared it on social media.

PC Chris walked the man home after he caught the wrong bus Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Since the photo was posted online, it's been seen a staggering 13 million times and it's got almost half a million likes on the police's Facebook page. But, PC Chris told us he was just doing what anybody else would have done.

PC Chris is so happy to help, that he even carried our reporter's tripod after chatting to us earlier.

Happy to help: PC Chris Stevens carrying our reporter, Sarah Cooper's, tripod Credit: ITV News Anglia

Picture of policeman helping elderly man home goes viral

A photo of a Northamptonshire police officer helping an elderly man with his shopping has got more than 400,000 likes and more than 42,000 shares on Facebook.

PC Chris Stevens Credit: Northamptonshire Police

A passerby took the picture. It's of PC Chris Stevens who stopped to help an elderly man who was struggling to get home.

“His wife looked a bit shocked when she opened the door and I was there with him, but he was fine.

– PC Stevens

"It's nice that the police are getting recognition for doing good things, but it's nothing more than any of my colleagues would have done. These things happen on a daily basis up and down the country."

– PC Stevens

Fire-breathing dragons unveiled on streets of Norwich

A selection of the dragons that will form part of the trail. Credit: ITV News Anglia

There've been fire-breathing dragons in Norwich today to publicise the city's summer sculpture trail.

Twelve of the 84 giant dragons were unveiled in a display at the city's Riverside area.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Go Go Dragons trail hits the streets on June 21st. It's to raise money for the Break Charity who work with vulnerable children, young people and families. There will be over a 100 baby dragons scattered throughout the city too

They certainly caught the attention of this little admirer! Credit: ITV News Anglia
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