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Bedfordshire: See (and hear) the bear that's causing a Christmas kerfuffle...

Bernard the bear Credit: ITV

A musical Polar bear has been causing a song and dance in Bedfordshire.

Bernard, a 6 foot mechanical bear which sings Christmas songs outside a cafe in Shefford, has been investigated by the council after complaints about noise.

Central Bedfordshire Council said it takes all complaints seriously and is urging people to be mindful of their neighbours when planning festivities.

So what do you think? Click below to hear Bernard singing one of his Christmas songs.



'Give it some welly': The World Puddle Jumping Championships gets underway at Wicksteed Park

Picture from last years World Puddle Jumping Championships at Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire.

It is the World Puddle Jumping Championships at Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire today.

Competitors will have to 'give it some welly' if they want to beat last years winner, seven-year-old Lucy Chapman from Kettering.

People are scored on how high they can jump, and the size of their splash - the bigger the better.

UK's largest pumpkin touring Ipswich

What's being hailed as the UK's largest pumpkin has been touring Ipswich.

The giant pumpkin in Ipswich Credit: ITV Anglia

Weighing the same as a small car the proud owners are enjoying showing off what they say is the UK's largest heavyweight pumpkin, it weighs in at 1,884lb

The pumpkin is so large it had to be carried on a trailer Credit: ITV Anglia

Plans for the road trip were nearly scrapped when the giant fruit wouldn't fit in any vehicles so it's being transported on a trailer

The pumpkin travelled through Ipswich Credit: ITV Anglia

After the tour it will be carved by artist Janie Pirie in Suffolk and then it'll be on show at Jimmy's Farm and the seeds are expected to be harvested by owners Thompson and Morgan for next year.

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