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92-year-old former pilot prepares for sky dive

A 92-year-old World War Two veteran is preparing to take part in a sky dive in Peterborough for charity.

Peter Proctor preparing for his sky dive Credit: ITV Anglia

Peter Proctor has two artificial hips, an artificial knee and almost a century of memories.

However, the 92-year-old Spitfire pilot, who never had to use his parachute during World War 2, will be deploying one for the first time in a sky dive for an RAF charity.

Briefing for everyone involved in the sky dive Credit: ITV Anglia

The money he raises will go to the RAF Association, who provide welfare support to servicemen and their families.

MND in Northampton benefits from Ice Bucket Challenge

It started as a craze in America but the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions for a charity in our region.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association which is based in Northampton has seen donations pour in at an unprecedented rate.

It says the money has the potential to pay for new clinical trials on drugs which may in future offer better treatments or even a cure for the condition.

Click below to watch our report from Russell Hookey.


75 years in the same house: Pensioner in Ipswich celebrates landmark day.

A pensioner in Ipswich is celebrating living in the same house for 75 years.

Beryl Willson moved into her home when she was just 4 years old in 1939.

Beryl outside her home in Ipswich Credit: ITV Anglia

Her parents bought it for just £375. Since then the house has been a family home for her parents, Beryl and her husband, their children, grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Despite 2 new extensions, 2 new bathrooms, kitchen and downstairs toilet, the property still doesn't have any central heating.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge takes part in 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' after Stephen Hawking's nomination

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge has become one of the latest names to take part in the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Stephen Hawking nominated the Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor of Cambridge University, along with the director of the Science Museum, Ian Blatchford.

On a YouTube video the the Vice-Chancellor thanks the world-renowned scientist for his nomination.


Move over Penny Lane and Route 66, it's time to sing about the B1159...

Addison's Uncle on their favourite route.

We can all sing along to Baker Street, Electric Avenue, Route 66 and, of course, The Beatles' Penny Lane.

But what about The B1159?

Well, the winding Norfolk coastal route, linking Cromer to Caister-on-sea, has become the latest road to inspire a song.

It has been written by Philip Pearson, from the band Addison's Uncle, who was inspired by the scenic route during journeys with his father back to Norfolk after visiting relatives in Nottingham.

Philip said the rather-long detour used to drive him mad.

"Sure, there may be faster routes that could take half the time. The kids have almost gone insane. The wife and I don't mind. Gonna drive this old Sierra down the B1159."

– The B1159, Addison's Uncle.

Natalie Gray headed up to north Norfolk to meet the band.

Thousands raised for Northampton charity through ice bucket challenge

It's an internet sensation which started in the States, and has raised $53m million dollars for charity

Now the ice bucket challenge has been chucked over the pond, and is fast raising funds for a Northampton based charity, the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Norwich City and Ipswich Town footballers are among the celebrities who've joined in.

The concept is simple - participants are challenged to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads before passing the challenge on to 3 other people who can avoid this by donating to the charity instead. Though most do both.

The challenge has gone viral as people are encouraged to film and post the challenge online

So far more than £200,000 pounds has been raised - but the craze shows no sign of stopping yet.

Northampton Balloon Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary

Northampton Balloon Festival. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

More than 40 hot air balloons from across the country have gathered in Northampton for the start of the town's balloon festival.

The popular event at Billing Aquadrome is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

At 6am today, the balloons took off for their first flight.

They will fly again at 6pm and the festival runs until Sunday.

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