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Tree goes bananas after twenty years without fruit

Jason Hedges and his banana tree that's finally given him his first crop after twenty years

Now the weather at the moment is distinctly autumnal, but one man in Essex has defied the odds and managed to grow his first ever crop of bananas.

Jason Hedges' father planted the tree in the garden of his Southend home 20 years ago and now, just a year after he passed away, it's produced its first ever batch!

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Century-old snapshots give glimpse of Peterborough's past

One of the images featured on the 'Peterborough Images' website

There is something fascinating about seeing a photograph taken 100 years ago and seeing how the setting has changed since that time.

A photographer in Peterborough has created a website featuring thousands of old photographs of the city and surrounding towns and villages in Cambridgeshire.

The website is called 'Peterborough Images' and it was created by photographer Paul Young. A Facebook page linked to the site now has almost 14,000 followers.

  • Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia reporter Stuart Leithes who decided to seek out some of the locations where the photographs were taken

Britain's first helicopter simulator opens to the public

Ever wanted to learn how to fly? Well, now is your chance. A man from Cambridgeshire has built the first ever helicopter simulator open to the public in the UK.

Kenneth Mockford built simulators with his father. He's created his own business where anyone can have a go at flying aeroplanes to driving Formula One cars.

Community raises £58,000 needed to buy Shotley Pier

The pier has fallen into disrepair over the years. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A community in Suffolk is to buy its historic Victorian pier after they successfully raised more than £58,000 through a share scheme.

People in Shotley were given the chance to buy their own chunk of the the 122-year-old structure for £25 per share, as well as having a say in how its run.

The money raised will now be matched by a booster fund, taking the figure to £116,000, and renovation work should get underway over the next three years.

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