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Olly Murs speaks of 'first love' football before joining Coggeshall Town on the pitch

Olly Murs Credit: PA

Olly Murs has spoken of his "first love" for football, before joining Coggeshall Town in their match against Ipswich Town on Friday (22 June).

It's not the first time the popstar has joined the Essex side on the pitch. He previously played with them for a Soccer Aid match in June, held at Old Trafford.

The match was was a draw at 1-1.

"I have a fantastic career and I get to do the most amazing things but part of my life - which is a huge part of it - is football.

People have seen me play football, but genuinely it's all I've ever done since I was a kid.

Forget about music. Music's kind of the second thing, my second love. Football's been my first."

– Olly Murs, popstar

Seeing red: residents say new road markings are 'overkill'

Maltings Lane Credit: ITV News Anglia

Bright red road markings have caused anger in Cambridge with residents living near Maltings Lane saying they're tantamount to "casual vandalism".

The signs have been painted on the roads as part of the city council's 20 mile per hour project. The council says setting the speed limit is a critical priority, but campaigners say the signs are "ludicrous".

" We new that the 20 limit was going to be introduced here and most people supported that, but we had no idea that it was going to result in signs like this. It's a complete eye-soar and it's happened throughout the whole area. This is complete overkill and a waste of money."

– Jean Glasberg, Resident
Maltings Lane, Cambridge Credit: ITV
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