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Stephen Fry voted nation's ideal holiday companion

Stephen Fry has been named as the nation's ideal holiday companion.

The broadcaster and writer beat off competition from David Beckham, Kelly Brook and Keith Lemon to claim the top spot in the poll for the Radio Times.

Stephen Fry has been named as the nation's ideal holiday companion. Credit: PA Wire

Second place in the search for a perfect getaway friend went to David Beckham, with Michael Palin - who will soon rejoin Monty Python for a series of shows to be staged in 2014 - in third with David Attenborough placed in ninth position.

Jade Bremner, Radio Times travel editor, said: "I'm not surprised at all, Stephen Fry is a born traveller and would charm the pants off anyone you'd meet on your trip.

"The last thing you want when you're travelling is to be stuck with someone who can't laugh when things, often inevitably, go wrong."


Northampton woman's sarcastic message to burglars who broke into her home

by Elodie Harper

Many people who have been burgled would like to give the criminals a piece of their mind.

That's exactly what one woman from Northampton has done, after her home was broken into this weekend.

But Kate Barrett's message isn't what you'd expect - she's left the burglars a sarcastic 'thank you' note.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Elodie Harper

Woman leaves her burglars a thank you note.

Kate Barrett left the note on the door the burglars smashed Credit: ITV

When Kate Barrett and Dan Owens were burgled this weekend, it came as a terrible shock.

While she was cleaning up the mess the burglars left behind, Kate decided to cheer herself up - by writing the robbers a letter. You can read it in full below:

Kate and Dan's letter apologised for not having more to steal. Credit: ITV
The burglars got three kisses from Kate and Dan Credit: ITV

Northamptonshire Police are investigating the crime - and are appealing for witnesses.

Family thankful for miracle twins

by Olivia Paterson

A family from Luton are celebrating their twins' first birthday. Not that unusual, until you hear that the pair were born 4 months premature.

The odds were stacked against Caitlin and Daniel Darby, but they survived.

Their parents say it's all thanks to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, where they were cared for.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Olivia Paterson


Northants man wins Scrabble Championship

Paul Allan Credit: ITV News Anglia

A man from Northamptonshire has beaten off competition to become the National Scrabble Champion 2013.

Paul Allan, a teacher from Rushden clinched the title on Sunday after a gruelling best-of-five showdown at the finals in London.

He sealed the win by playing "bandura" a Ukrainian lute, scoring 86 points. He finished with an overall score of 503. His competitor scored 389.

Paul has previously champion in 2007 Credit: ITV News Anglia

Other words played throughout the final included....

Kernite – a mineral – 100.

Mete – to measure – 34.

Exordial – to begin - 92.

Shrieval - relating to a sheriff - 97.

Valerate - a chemical salt - 36.

Coniines - a poisonous alkaloid found in poison hemlock - 98.

Paul said: “I am delighted to have won, especially given the fact that the final is played to a public audience of players who expect to be impressed!"

Paul was previously crowned champion in 2007 and has won a number of tournaments since starting to play Scrabble on a competitive level in 1993.

Giraffes settle into new home

Zookeepers in Bedfordshire have thrown a house-warming party for their giraffes as they move into their brand new home.

Giraffe Heights at Whipsnade Zoo includes a re-vamped barn and a 9ft-high viewing platform for visitors.

To celebrate the opening of the new attraction, which will bring people face-to-face with the animals for the first time, keepers dished up their favourite treats in giant wicker teacups - frozen carrot and cabbage cupcakes

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