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New wetland habitat created in Essex

A wetland habitat Credit: Essex Wildlife Trust

Conservation workers have created a new 22-acre wetland in Essex as part of an extension to Fingringhoe Wick Nature Reserve on the Colne estuary.

The Environment Agency working alongside Essex Wildlife Trust allowed the tide to breach a seawall, creating a mixture of saltmarsh, mudflat and saline lagoon.

It's hoped species including bittern, water vole, dragonflies, and Little Egrets will make it their home.

New public footpaths on this previously private part of the estuary, will also allow walkers to see the artificial habitat for themselves.

First pictures of baby red panda twins at Whipsnade Zoo

The first pictures have been released of twin red pandas, born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

The baby red pandas, named by keepers Bert and Ernie after the Sesame Street characters, have been hiding away in their nesting boxes until this week, when their mum, six year-old Tashi began carrying them outside for short intervals.

Bert and Ernie were born to mum Tashi and dad Blue at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on 30 June 2015.

Senior Keeper at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Stephen Perry said: “It’s been magical to see the baby red pandas out and about for the first time.

“Red pandas can be difficult to observe due to their shy and secretive nature, their nocturnal habits and the fact that they spend most of their time up trees. We never see much of their babies for the first couple of months of their lives but it’s worth the wait. They’re incredible and beautiful creatures, and a real visitor favourite.

“Tashi is a brilliant mum, and when the weather gets warmer you sometimes catch her carrying the babies between nesting boxes to find the coolest one for them.”


Pregnant chihuahua dumped on the street

Poppy was found by a member of the public Credit: RSPCA

A chihuahua was dumped on the street in Stevenage in Hertfordshire after an unsuccessful attempt to give birth.

The RSPCA is appealing for more information after he dog was found by a member of the the public in the Symonds Green area of Hertfordshire on Friday in an extremely poorly state, before being taken straight to a vet.

The dog, nicknamed Poppy, had a microchip registered to Lithuania and was found with a stillborn puppy still waiting to be delivered.

It is believed the dead puppy may have been inside her for at least a couple of days.

Poppy was treated by a vet, but died over the weekend. The vet also found she had previously had a caesarian section.

“This was such a heartbreaking story. I can’t believe this dog was just abandoned and left to suffer on her own in this terrible state. We are very grateful to the member of the public for finding and rescuing her, but sadly it was too late for Poppy, she was just too unwell.

“It seems likely that Poppy was one of many dogs brought over from other countries for breeding, and then just dumped when she didn’t fulfil her purpose."

– Paula Wilson, RSPCA’s Hertfordshire East Branch

Essex Police dog Flame has litter of eight puppies

German Shepherd Flame gave birth to eight healthy puppies. Credit: Essex Police

A litter of new recruits has arrived at Essex Police's dog unit.

German Shepherd Flame gave birth to eight healthy puppies, five boys and three girls, on August 5.

The girls have been named Cilla, Cola and Cairo. And the boys Carter, Chester, Cain and Comet

One of the male puppies is still to be named. Should it be called Chaos, Cuba, Casper or Costa? VOTE HERE

Police Dog puppies. Credit: Essex Police

Watch the moment a stolen pug is reunited with his owner

Essex Police have released adorable video footage showing the moment a a stolen pug is reunited with his owner.

Essex Police have arrested a 23-year-old woman from Harlow on suspicion of theft, after a pug was recovered during police searches.

The woman was released without charge in relation to the theft of the pug as there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

The dog was later reunited with his owner at Harlow Police Station.

“I had been so worried about Lola since she went missing so when I got the call from the police I was over the moon.

As soon as I saw her, her little tail went into overdrive and I instantly knew it was her. I am just so happy to have her back.”

– Kate Witham, Owner
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