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Terrier and pups recovering after being left for dead

A Yorkshire Terrier, who was abandoned in an alleyway in Dunstable while she was giving birth to five puppies, is said to be in a very poorly condition.

Yorkshire Terrier who was abandoned Credit: RSPCA
The puppies which survived Credit: RSPCA

She was found in Mayfield Road at the weekend. One of her puppies has since died and the RSPCA says it's likely she was dumped because of a difficult labour which would mean costly vet bills.


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Peregrine chicks hatch at cathedral

The male peregrine meets his chick Credit: Hawk and Owl Trust

Two peregrine falcon chicks have hatched on a platform on Norwich Cathedral. The falcons have become a frequent sight since the nesting platform was put in place by conservation charity the Hawk and Owl Trust in 2011. This year's first two chicks hatched overnight. There are two more eggs remaining.

The newly-hatched chicks Credit: Hawk and Owl Trust

Norfolk: Public backs plan to reintroduce Lynx to the wild

A wild Lynx. Credit: PA

A plan to reintroduce the Lynx to woodland in England, including Thetford Forest, has public backing - according to a new survey.

How many years that the Lynx has been extinct in the UK.

Lynx UK Trust said that more than 90% of people asked were supportive of the trial to bring back the big cats.

Some landowners in Thetford have raised concerns over the idea, but the Trust said Lynx were harmless to humans and are of little threat to livestock.


Owners of horses found running free in Northamptonshire are sought

The owners of two horses have been asked to come forward after the animals were found running along a road in Northamptonshire.

Officers received reports of the two horses on The Ridge in Great Doddington, near Wellingborough, just before 9am on Wednesday April 15.

One of the horses was black and the other was white.

They were initially secured in a pub car park and are now being cared for elsewhere.

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