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Injured kitten had been 'squeezed and swung by his tail'

Buster, an 8 month old ginger and white tom cat was found in Earlham Road Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is appealing for witnesses after an 8 month old ginger and white tom cat called Buster was found badly injured in Norwich.

Buster's owner found him in Earlham Road, slumped on the floor and unable to move.

At first it was thought he'd been hit by a car.

But while Buster was being treated, his Vet said a hand print was found on his skin, like he had been 'squeezed with a lot of pressure and swung around by his tail."

The injuries were so severe that Buster would not have been able to move from where he was left.

"Buster has the sweetest nature. He is the kindest, warmest, soppiest cat I’ve ever met. It’s incomprehensible that someone has done this to him. He purrs like a motorbike and is lovely to be around.”

– Professor Amanda Hopkinson, Buster's owner

Buster was operated on and his tail had to be removed because it was dislocated.

“This was a despicable attack on a little kitten and would have caused great suffering. We would like to hear from anybody who has any information about this incident. Whatever happened it must have been extremely frightening for the kitten and upsetting for the owners - Buster is lucky to be alive.”

– Inspector Ben Kirby, RSPCA


One of Europe's rarest butterflies spotted in Norfolk

One of Europe's rarest butterflies has been spotted in Norfolk Credit: Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell

One of Europe's most rare butterflies has been spotted in Norfolk.

The scarce tortoiseshell also known as the Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell, is so uncommon it hasn't managed to survive hibernation here for more than 60 years.

But it was spotted in Holt country park this month. Conservationists say this new sighting is a truly historic event as it marks the first time this stunning butterfly has ever overwintered successfully in Britain.

Abandoned dog was tied to bumper of car

The two-year-old dog was found tied to the bumper of a car. Credit: RSPCA.

A neglected dog has been found abandoned and tied to the back of a car in the middle of the night in Cambridgeshire.

RSPCA inspectors said two-year-old Saluki, who has been renamed Louis, was discovered attached by his lead to the bumper of a car parked on the High Street at West Wratting, near Cambridge.

The owner of the vehicle called the charity at about midnight on Tuesday March 17.

The dog was thin, with a lacklustre coat, eat mites and a bad cut to his foot. He had no microchip or tag.

"Not only was this poor dog dumped without any care - but he was left in an incredibly dangerous place in the middle of the night.

"It was so lucky that the car owner managed to spot poor Louis before he drove off."

– Carrie O'Riordan, RSPCA inspector.

Cathedral's resident peregrine falcons lay first egg

The first egg has been laid by Norwich's peregrine falcons. Credit: Hawk and Owl Trust.

Norwich Cathedral's resident peregrine falcons have laid their first egg of the year.

The Hawk and Owl Trust made the announcement on its Twitter feed this morning.

The trust installed a platform for the birds at the cathedral in 2011.

In 2014, four chicks hatched but two later died.

The eggs have an average incubation period of about 35 days.

To watch the Hawl and Owl Trust's live webcam feed from the cathedral, click here.


Pet parrot kidnapped during break-in

Credit: Cara Cosson

A woman has made a desperate plea after her pet parrot was kidnapped and a poison pen letter threatening to kill it left in the cage.

45 year old Cara Cosson from Oakley in Bedfordshire suffered a break-in while at work on February 20th. Her African grey parrot Joe Joe was stolen.

She then discovered a letter inside his cage threatening to kill the bird if she called the police.

Bedfordshire Police have already arrested a man in his 40s in relation to the theft but he's since been released on bail.

Police hunt for man who subjected cat to horrific attack outside Northampton Railway Station

The attack happened outside Northampton Railway Station. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Police in Northampton are hunting for a man who subjected a cat to a horrendous attack outside the town's railway station last night.

Members of the public reported to officers that they saw the man "throwing the animal around and lying on top of it."

The assault happened on Black Lion Road shortly before 8pm last night (March 2).

The man is described as being in his 50s and 60s with long grey or dark hair. He was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans.

Police say that there has been no trace of either the man or the cat since the attack.

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