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Murphy the 'mane attraction' is the 'pride' of Dogs Trust

Murphy the Shar-Pei Credit: The Dogs Trust

A dog that looks like a lion thanks to his incredible six inch long mane has been taken in by a Norfolk rescue centre.

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Three-year-old Murphy is a Shar-Pei.

They normally have short fur but Murphy has the much rarer "bear" coat which gives him the lovely long mane.

He is being cared for at the Dogs Trust in Snetterton but a new owner is picking him up on Saturday.

Murphy the lion look-alike Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Handsome Murphy has so much potential and loves a fuss being made of him and receiving attention when he gets used to you."

– Diane McLelland-Taylor, Dogs Trust, Snetterton

Teen banned from keeping animals after killing hedgehog

The hedgehog was stabbed and hit with a brick. Credit: RSPCA

A teenager from Ipswich has been banned from keeping animals for ten years for killing a hedgehog.

Tyler Perkins, who's 18 and has learning difficulties, was seen stabbing the animal and hitting it with a brick.

He then threw it over neighbour’s garden fence.

Perkins was given an 18-month community order and told to pay costs.


Police trying to track down rhea on the loose

A rhea has been spotted closed to the A505 in south Cambridgeshire. Credit: South Cambridgeshire Police / Twitter

Cambridgeshire Police are trying to track down a large ostrich-like bird that has been seen several times in south Cambridgeshire close to the A505.

It is thought to be a rhea, a flightless South American bird that can grow up to six feet tall and run at 40 miles per hour.

Officers say they can't find the owner and have alerted the RSPCA.

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