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Newmarket vet wins top award

A veterinary scientist from Newmarket has won a top award for her research.

Dr. Cathryn Mellersh Credit: Animal Health Trust

Dr Cathryn Mellersh, from the Animal Health Trust, has been developing DNA tests for dogs so breeders can prevent genetic diseases in them.

She was given £20,000 at the International Canine Health Awards to continue her work.


Could studying the flight of owls hold the key to silencing wind turbines?

Barn owls are known for their silent flight which allows them to hunt for prey, but a Cambridge University engineer says that the bird's 'stealth mode' can also be applied to wind turbines.

Professor Nigel Peake has studied owl feathers to find a way of making turbine blades quieter, which could mean they can generate more power.

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Ipswich: 'Houdini' snake reunited with its owner after latest escape

Jasmine is reunited with the snake. Credit: Suffolk Police

A snake which managed to escape from a house in Ipswich has been reunited with its owner.

The two-foot long sandy coloured serpent wriggled out of a tiny gap in his tank.

Police officers found male snake Tenzin while on patrol in the town early this morning.

PC Alastair Maidment, who has experience of handling snakes, picked him up before taking him to the police station.

After a social media appeal, 17-year-old owner Jasmine came forward.

“I’m thinking of changing his name to Houdini! This is the second time that he has managed to escape out of a tiny gap in his tank.

My brother realised that Tenzin had escaped on Tuesday and we searched the entire house. Although he’s harmless, the last time he got out, he turned up in the tool box under the sink.

My mum phoned me and asked had I seen the police website as they were searching for the owner of a lost snake found in Ipswich.

I’m really happy to have him back as reptiles are a passion of mine. I’m so thankful to PC Maidment and Sgt Livingstone for safely returning him to me. They went above and beyond the call of duty.”

– Jasmine, Owner

Boo helps launches new Dog Watch scheme!

Boo and his handler PC Mark Needham Credit: Essex Police

A police dog caleld Boo has helped launch a brand new Essex Watch scheme.

Dog Watch is calling on dog walkers to take the lead and help Essex Police whilst out walking their dog.

The scheme is working in partnership with Maldon District Council and countywide dog organisations. Volunteer walkers are asked to call in any suspicious behaviour seen on their routes to Essex Police as well as reporting any anti-social behaviour.

Boo meeting some of the public at Maldon's Promenade park. Credit: Essex Police

"I’m really pleased and proud to be here today and to take part in this event. This partnership with Maldon District Council is designed to encourage dog walkers to help us to be those extra eyes, ears and paws whilst walking in their local community, as well as further afield – in parks, countryside or on the coast.

– Assistant Chief Constable Julia Wortley


Luton couple given jail sentences for animal cruelty

Credit: RSPCA

A couple from Luton have been jail sentences after allowing one of their dogs to attack another so badly he died.

Lisa Dolor and Dwain Warrington pleaded guilty to charges under the Animal Welfare Act.

Warrington admitted causing unnecessary suffering to Tyson, a young male black mastiff, by housing him in circumstances which allowed him to be attacked by another dog. He was sentenced to 16 week custodial sentence.

Dolor admitted not meeting the needs of Tyson and was given a 16 prison sentence, suspended for a year. They were both banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

"It is the owner's responsibility to make sure their animals are safe at all times, and are not at risk. Yet Tyson had neglectfully been left in danger, despite previous warnings and advice given by us, and local dog wardens from Luton Borough Council, to keep the dogs apart when unsupervised.On its own this would have been a tragic accident, but this was the second time we have been called to this address and the second time a dog has been killed. We have to make sure this doesn't happen again.

– RSPCA inspector Stephanie Law

Paddy the police dog finds missing man

Paddy the police dog Credit: BCH Dog Unit

An elderly man from Peterborough who went missing has been found by a police dog and his handler.

The man, who is in his early 80's was reported missing from Orton Goldhay on Wednesday.

He was later found by Paddy and his handler were able to locate the man in a park off Orton Mere. He was returned home safely.

"I'm happy that the man was located safely and proud that Police Dog Paddy and his handler played such a vital role in finding him. This is an excellent example of our unit working with other policing teams effectively".

– Sergeant Vicky Stoughton, BCH Dog Unit
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