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Surprise arrivals at Mountfitchet Castle

One of the new arrivals to Mountfitchet Castle Credit: Mountfitchet Castle

Staff at the medieval village of Mountfitchet Castle, Stansted have some new additions. One of their ducks called daisy has welcomed a brood of ducklings.

None of the staff new Daisy was nesting and it came as a bit of a surprise when they discovered the fluffy new arrivals.

She is now happily mixing with all the other rescued animals which roam around the castle grounds.

The new arrivals Credit: Mountfitchet Castle

Eagle-eyes requested for Monty's harriers

Keen bird watchers in Norfolk are being encouraged to keep an eye out for a rare bird of prey on their way to the UK for the Summer migration.

Montagu's harriers in flight Credit: RSPB

Montagu's harriers go to Senegal for winter, but from May one male in particular - who goes by the name of Roger - is known to come back to Norfolk to breed.

Roger was fitted with a state of the art satellite tracking device in 2014 as part of an ongoing study to learn more about Montagu's harriers' migration and their breeding sites here in the UK. Five other birds have since been fitted, and it's enabled researchers to locate the winter grounds of UK Montagu's harriers in Senegal for the first time.

The RSPB are hoping that the public reporting any sightings could help identify new areas where they're nesting. Just seven pairs of Montagu's harriers, known affectionately by bird watchers as 'Monty's', nested in the whole of the UK last year.

"Monty's are increasingly nesting in cropped arable fields rather than reed beds, so we're especially keen to make farmers aware of them and hear from any who think they might have birds nesting in their fields, but anyone who sees one can help us make sure they have the best chance of successfully breeding and rearing their chicks by getting in touch to tell us about their sighting."

– Mark Thomas - RSPB

Rare penguin chicks born at Woburn Safari Park

The chicks belong to a vulnerable species of penguin. Credit: Woburn Safari Park

Four new penguin chicks belonging to a particularly vulnerable species have been born at Woburn Safari Park.

Goose,Avocado, Mumble - and another who's yet-to-be-named - are Humboldt penguins.

They'll be put into the Penguin World area when they develop waterproof feathers in three months time.


Lambs die after being attacked by dog

Police are warning people to keep dogs on leads near sheep Credit: ITV Anglia

Police are investigating the death of three lambs after they were attacked by a large dog in a field at Cranford in Northamptonshire.

Officers say the sheep and lambs were chased and attacked by the dog in a field near St John's Lane.

The incident happened between 7:30am and 8am yesterday (Sunday, 24 April).

Three lambs subsequently died, five are being treated and others sustained minor injuries.

Officers are reminding dog owners that it is an offence to have a dog off a lead or not under close control in a field of sheep, or to let their dog chase or attack livestock.

Police want to speak to anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who may have any information regarding it.

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