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Otters cool down in the sun with some fishy treats

It's not just humans who are feeling the high temperatures today. Credit: Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

It's not just humans who are feeling the heat today.

Otters at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in Norfolk have been enjoying fishy iced lollies to cool down in the 30 degree heat.

Staff have treated Mum Summer and her three sons Yorkie, Twix and Smartie to the lollies to not not only help them cool down, but also challenge themselves to to get to the fish, shrimps, nuts and meat sealed within the ice.

Although they hail from a notoriously warm and humid climate they definitely lose their energy in the British summer heat, just like most of we humans do.

It was lovely to see how much they perked up when we fed them the iced lollies. I think they really enjoyed their treat.

– Adam Makinson, Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

Appeal after cat shot in Suffolk

A picture of a cat similar to the one that was shot Credit: PA

Police are appealing for information after a cat was shot in Suffolk.

It happened in Beccles between 11 and 15 August.

The male ginger cat had been missing for more than four days when he returned to his Lowestoft Road home with injuries.

But they were so severe that he had to be euthanised.

Officers are asking anyone who may have seen the incident to call 101.


Appeal to find giant bird after it escaped from owner's garden

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Kate Prout

The distraught owner of a five-foot, flightless bird that has gone missing in Norfolk is offering a £200 reward to help find him.

Lawrence the Rhea was hand-reared by Ashley Bullard, from Norton Subcourse near Loddon, after he bought him as an egg and incubated it.

Lawrence escaped almost a week ago after jumping over a garden wall.

Ashley has raised Lawrence at his home. Credit: Ashley Bullard

We've had great support from the local community, the farming community around here are excellent, every day we've had about ten people helping to search for him, so really grateful for the help that we've had.

– Ashley Bullard

Owner of missing boa constrictor insists 'he's docile as anything'

Liam and Thor. Credit: Facebook/Liam Pilcher.

An eight-and-a-half foot boa constrictor is on the loose in Essex.

Liam Pilcher, from Chelmsford, returned home on Saturday night to discover his beloved pet Thor was no longer in his cage - or anywhere in the house.

Liam said he was very concerned for the snake's welfare and urged anyone who saw Thor to get in touch via Facebook.

But he insisted people should not be frightened.

"He's an eight-and-a-half-foot red tail boa - big boy but as docile as anything.

"I've checked as far up and down all the roads as I can and I have a funny feeling he's made his way into a back garden or something.

"I want my boy back."

– Liam Pilcher, Thor's owner.

Campaign for conservation zone at Hunstanton

A seal enjoying The Wash Approach. Credit: ITV Anglia

Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary have launched a campaign to make The Wash Approach a special conservation zone.

They say the area of sandbanks, gravel and worm reefs provide a rich feeding ground for a huge variety of animals and sealife including seals and porpoises.

They're asking visitors to sign postcards backing their calls for the protected status.

"If successful it would be strong reassurance that the environment we are returning all those seals to is secure for the foreseeable future, and a safe healthy habitat both for them and the diverse other marine life it supports."

– Kieran Copeland, Displays Supervisor


Cambridgeshire 'Top Cat' eyes national prize

Jessie, a cat from Peterborough could be given the accolade of National Cat of the Year. Credit: ON-Broadcast

A cat from Peterborough could be given the accolade of National Cat of the Year later today.

Jessie was entered into the competition by her owner Tracey who adopted her following the death of her daughter, who suffered a cardiac arrest aged just 18.

Jessie is nominated in the Outstanding Rescue Cat category. If she wins the category she’ll be in with a chance of being named overall National Cat of the Year.

Jessie's owners are embarking on charity work to raise awareness of heart conditions in young people.

“Jessie really has been such an incredible help to us, she has soothed me when the pain has felt too much to bear, made us smile during the darkest of days and been a constant presence in our lives.

"She’s a truly remarkable cat and I don’t know where we would be without her."

– Tracey Jessop-Thompson

Police search for an Emu on the loose

Police are searching for an Emu that is on the loose. Credit: PA

Police are on the hunt for a loose emu after it was spotted by an off-duty officer.

The sharp-eyed officer called colleagues after the bird was sighted in the Whepstead area of Suffolk at around 7.15 this morning.

Police subsequently received a flurry of calls from members of the public describing the creature variously as an ostrich, a rhea and an emu.

A Suffolk Police spokesman said the search was continuing and urged people to get in touch with information on 101 if they saw the bird.

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