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Seven-week-old puppy stolen in Essex burglary

Ralph the Dachshund puppy was taken during a burglary in Essex Credit: Essex Police
Ralph was taken from a house at Stanford-le-Hope Credit: Essex Police

A puppy has been stolen following a burglary in Stanford-le-Hope.

Police say the chocolate and tan Dachshund called Ralph was taken after three suspects got into the house in Thors Oak through an insecure rear door. They were disturbed by the victim but took a three figure sum of cash and Ralph who was seven weeks old.

It happened at around 9.15am on Saturday, February 6.

The suspects are described as three white men aged between 18 and 22. One was around 5ft 6ins tall and was of a slim build. He was wearing and blue Parka type jacket with fur on the hood. The second was around 6ft tall and of medium build and was wearing a claret red jumper. The third was wearing a long black coat.

Anybody with any information or who may have been offered the puppy for sale is asked to contact Dc Andrew Marr at Grays CID on Essex Police 101.


Post mortem examination to be carried out on stranded whale at Hunstanton

The whale at Hunstanton on Thursday. Credit: UK Coastguard.

A post mortem examination is due to be carried out on a sperm whale that died last night after becoming stranded on the beach at Hunstanton.

It is thought the animal died at about 8pm yesterday. It was first discovered on the sand 12 hours earlier.

Stephen Marsh, operations manager for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, said the Defra-funded Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme would carry out a post mortem examination "when conditions allow" today.

The whale is thought to have belonged to the same pod as those who died two weeks ago off the Norfolk and Lincolnshire coasts.

Stranded sperm whale on Norfolk beach has died

The stranded sperm whale on Thursday. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Divers trying to help a stranded sperm whale on the Norfolk coast have confirmed it has died.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue said the stricken animal had taken its last breath at about 8pm.

They expect to receive official confirmation of its death later this evening once zoological experts have assessed the body.

"We're very sad to confirm that the whale has died but it is a bit of a relief because it had been in quite a lot of suffering."

– Stephen Marsh, Operations Manager, British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Pet dog found 'rotting alive' in Bedfordshire

A woman from Bedfordshire has been disqualified from keeping animals for life after her pet dog was found 'rotting alive'.

Brenda Chekley from Luton was sentenced at the Magistrates court. She was ordered to pay a total of £560 in fines, and given a 12-month community order.

She admitted causing unnecessary suffering to her 11-year-old German shepherd, Heinzy.

The RSPCA were called and found Heinzy collapsed and unable to walk.

“It was dreadful. Heinzy was rotting alive.

He was in so much pain and discomfort. He was in a really sorry state and should never have been left to get like that.”

He had multiple tumours which had ulcerated and burst, causing holes in his abdomen.

He couldn’t walk, he was emaciated, his claws were overgrown, and his back legs were swollen.

The smell of rotting flesh was almost unbearable and Heinzy was clearly suffering.

It was disgraceful. To be honest, we were all shocked that he was still alive.”

– Mel Fisher, RSPCA

A vet was called to examine Heinzy and decided that the best thing to do was to put him to down.

Dog owner finds poison wrapped in pastry in her garden

A dog owner has found around 30 balls of rat poison wrapped in pastry in her garden in Essex.

An investigation is under way after the woman from Colchester discovered the pellets on Monday, when she let her Chihuahua out into the garden.

It's the second time this has happened. Last year the woman’s dog was sick and tablet capsules were discovered in her garden, prompting fears that her dog is being deliberately targeted.

“Fortunately the dog is OK, but it is very distressing to think that it appears someone is trying to poison a pet. I urge anyone with any information to call me.

The dog’s owner found about 30 balls of dough with blue pellets mixed into them in her garden. She did exactly the right thing and took them to the vet who examined them and believes it is rat poison.

Poisoning can cause severe pain and distress. Bait left out in the open like this could also kill pet cats and wildlife.”

– Adam Jones, RSPCA inspector

Signs that your animal could have been poisoned vary and can include any of the following:

  • depression
  • lack of appetite
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • breathing difficulties
  • appearing drunk and uncoordinated
  • twitching
  • seizures


Cambridge University criticised over animal testing

Cambridge University has been criticised for the number of animals it tests on in it's labs.

According to a report by the anti-vivisection organisation Cruelty Free more than 160 thousand animals like rats, rabbits and monkeys were tested in 2014.

The university said animal research played an "essential role" in understanding disease and developing medicines. adding it aims to use the minimum number possible.

  1. Kate Prout

Farewell to a sperm whale that died on the Norfolk coast

The cost of removing a dead sperm whale from the beach at Hunstanton is costing the local council thousands of pounds.

Workmen using chainsaws, a digger and lots of skips, removed the 30 tonne carcass from where it washed up a week ago.

The remains have been taken to an animal incinerator facility outside of the county. Four other whales, washed up in Lincolnshire, have also been disposed of.

Nine-week-old puppy stolen in Essex burglary

Pickle was stolen from a property in West Horndon, Essex Credit: Essex Police

Police are searching for a nine-week-old puppy stolen during a burglary in Essex.

Pickle, a white Maltese Terrier was taken from a property in West Horndon, on Monday.

Pickle was stolen from the kitchen of the house, but the owner’s other dog, a three-year-old Maltese Terrier, was left behind.

A Range Rover also stolen in the incident has since been located in Luton, but Pickle is still missing.

"I’ve only had Pickle a week but have grown really attached to her. My other dog is missing her too – her tail has been down since she was taken.

I just can’t understand why someone would take Pickle and need to know she is being fed and looked after.

Please help share our appeal and if you know anything, please do the right thing and call the police.”

– Adele Rowley, Pickle's owner

Anyone with information is asked to call Brentwood police station.

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