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Warning to dog owners after adder bites beloved pet

Dog owners are being warned to beware of snakes after a spaniel was bitten by an adder.

Toby had a lucky escape after being taken to Dick White's Referrals. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The bites can be fatal and 13-year-old Toby was lucky as he was rushed to specialist vets in Cambridge.

He survived but needed four days of treatment before making a full recovery.

He was bitten while on a walk in Newmarket, at first his owners were unaware he had been hurt until his face started swelling.

He didn't seem in pain, at first he was very quiet, but he became almost sedated.

He wasn't lifeless but he wasn't his normal self that's for sure.

Because of his fur you couldn't see where the bite was, but it was very obvious it was on his face.

– Ann Manning, Toby's owner

The vet that treated Toby said the most important thing was getting them seen to as soon as possible.

Ferran Valls Sanchez treated the 13-year-old spaniel. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Try to keep the dog calm, because there is the possibility that if they are moving a lot you can promote the absorption of the toxin, but I think the most important thing is to go to your local vet.

– Ferran Valls Sanchez, vet

Adders are the UK's only venomous snakes but are not normally aggressive. They can be found in rough, open countryside or on the edge of woodland.



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