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Musician composes 'antidote' anthem for 'Brexit' Britain

A composer from Northamptonshire is hoping her new piece of music will bring people together after 'Brexit'.

Paula Boulton, from Corby, was inspired by the musical memories of 30 people, who have moved to the town from all over the world.

Paula Boulton's composition represents more than 50 countries Credit: ITV News Anglia

When composing the seven-movement 'Sounds of Home Suite', Paula asked people what music reminds them of home.

"I think music has the power to bring people together. Why build a wall, when you can build an orchestra and have people play music together and reach their souls and hearts through music? That's what we need to do. No one's going anywhere, we can't just disintegrate people, we have to learn to live together."

– Paula Boulton, Composer
Paula interviewed Danijela Bastajic & Anna Guzek as part of the project Credit: ITV News Anglia

The piece premieres with a 60-strong orchestra at The Core at Corby Cube tonight (Saturday 21st January).

You can watch some of the musicians in rehearsal by clicking below:


easyJet: 'We have no plans to move away from Luton'

easyJet say they are not leaving Luton. Credit: PA

easyJet have moved to reassure staff that jobs won't be lost as a result of plans to potentially move their legal headquarters away from the UK.

The airline have confirmed they're looking into moving their legal home from Luton to a European city due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Despite that move, they say that they have "no plans" to leave Luton as their main HQ.

easyJet is lobbying the UK government and the EU to ensure the continuation of a fully liberal and deregulated aviation market within the UK and Europe. This would mean that easyJet and all European airlines can continue to operate as they do today.

As part of easyJet’s contingency planning before the referendum we had informal discussions with a number of European aviation regulators about the establishment of an AOC (air operator certificate) in an European country to enable easyJet to fly across Europe as we do today.

easyJet has now started a formal process to acquire an AOC.

Until the outcome of the UK/EU negotiations are clearer easyJet does not need to make any other structural or operational changes.

We have no plans to move from Luton – our home for 20 years.

– easyJet statement

Reports: easyJet opens talks about moving its HQ away from the UK

easyJet are reportedly in talks about moving away from the UK. Credit: PA

Luton-based airline easyJet has reportedly opened talks with EU governments about moving its HQ away from the UK.

It comes a day after the firm pledged that the headquarters would stay in Luton and that jobs with the company were safe.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia yesterday, Commercial Manager Neil Slaven said that the company is committed to staying in the UK.

"easyJet was born in Luton 20 years ago and we've been very successful operating from Luton over that time," he said.

"We continue to be successful in Luton, and we're absolutely there to stay."

However, Chief Executive Carolyn McCall has apparently suggested in private meetings this week that a move away from Britain is "almost inevitable" as a result of the uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote.

ITV News Anglia has contacted easyJet asking for a statement but has so far received no response.

The company currently employs around 1,000 people at its Bedfordshire base.

EasyJet confirms it will stay in Luton following Brexit vote

EasyJet has its headquarters at Luton Airport Credit: ITV News Anglia

EasyJet has confirmed to ITV News Anglia that they will not be moving their headquarters from Luton in the wake of the EU referendum vote.

In an interview this week, the company's CEO Carolyn McCall said it "remains to be seen" if EasyJet's headquarters would stay at Luton Airport given the Brexit vote.

Neil Slaven speaking to Olivia Kinsley Credit: ITV News Anglia

But today EasyJet's Commercial Manager Neil Slaven said the company is committed to keeping its headquarters in the UK, and has no plans to leave Luton.

He also said there are no plans for job losses in the company at Luton, Southend or Stansted airports.

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