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Almost half of rented homes in the East of England are not up to scratch

Housing charity warns many rented homes are falling short of being Credit: ITV News Anglia

A housing charity says more than 40% of rented homes in the East of England are not 'acceptable' to the people who live in them.

Most of the homes failed Shelter's test because they're too expensive and leave renters unable to save for the future.

Others were found to be poorly built or maintained and had problems such as damp and pests.

At Shelter we know all too well that a home is much more than bricks and mortar - it's a place that should allow us to live and thrive, rather than just get by.

When Shelter was founded fifty years ago, it was with the hope that one day everyone in in the country would have access to a place they can truly call home. But the sad truth is that far too many people in the East of England right now are living in homes that just aren't up to scratch - from the thousands of families forced to cope with poor conditions, to a generation of renters forking out most of their income on housing each month and unable to save for the future.

– Shelter's Chief Executive Campbell Robb

Newspaper which only publishes 'good news' launches in Luton

StandUp Luton will only publish 'good news' Credit: ITV News Anglia

A new newspaper which will only publish good news is being launched in Luton.

It's the idea of Editor Shaz Zaman whose group 'Stand up Luton' are fed up of the negative image of the town.

It is being given out for free and funded entirely by donations.

The Editor of StandUp Luton, Shaz Zaman (right) Credit: ITV News Anglia

"The conception that people have of our town of being a hotbed of extremism, gangs, violence, there's people sitting at home saying yeah, I'm fed up of people really having a go at my town. This is a vehicle for people to be able to come around, to know that there are people who want to do good."

– Shaz Zaman, Editor


New multi-million pound shopping centre opens in Essex

The John Lewis store in the Bond Street development will be a major boost to the city. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A multi-million pound redevelopment in Chelmsford will be officially opened this morning.

It's hoped the £64m Bond Street complex will help the city compete with the shopping centres of London.

It features a cinema, shops and restaurants and will generate at least 450 jobs.


Police issue advice after worried calls about door knock sellers

Police in East Hertfordshire are reminding people they do not have to buy goods from 'door knock' sales people. It comes after a number of calls were made to police this week about men trying to sell household items.

At one address in Stansted Abbotts police received reports that one seller became abusive when a resident refused to buy anything. Another women reported being inappropriately touched by one of the sellers as he passed her in the street.

17 calls were made to police in total.

Selling at the door is not a crime, but abusive and inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable. We are also worried that some people are being really pressurised by some of the sales tactics and have ended up parting with a lot of cash for low value items. It is often elderly residents who are targeted, who may not have the confidence to say no, or who may get confused about what they are agreeing to buy and then handing over more cash than they intended.”

– Neighbourhood Sgt Martin May

Officers are keen to trace the group of men who were operating in east herts on Weds 17th August. They were travelling in a white van and were aged between 20 and 30 years.

If you saw these men or have any information regarding their activity, please contact Sergeant Martin May on the non-emergency number 101.

'Too ugly' for supermarket lemons saved by Peterborough farm

Six tonnes of organic lemons were deemed ‘unsuitable to meet retailer specification based on appearance’. Credit: Riverford Farmers

An organic farming group based in Peterborough are warning of the impact of supermarkets wasting food.

Riverford have bought six tonnes of lemons that were deemed unsuitable due to their appearance.

Around a third of the food we produce worldwide ends up in the bin.

Our customers love knowing exactly where the food on their plate has come from- we can tell them who grew it, how they grew it, and when it was picked.

This connection means they enjoy getting unusual shaped veg that has been grown for flavour, not cosmetic perfection, and having the reassurance that our farmers are paid fairly for their produce, even if it is not aesthetically perfect.

– James Negus, Riverford

Norwich is most affordable city to study says new report

Norwich market Credit: ITV News Anglia

Norwich is the most affordable city in our region for students according to a new report by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

The city was ranked at 12th place in the UK, with Cambridge in 23rd place, making it the third most expensive.

The top five most affordable cities:

  • Portsmouth
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Belfast
  • Exeter
  • Norwich (12th)
  • Cambridge (23rd)
Cambridge city centre Credit: ITV News Anglia

The survey took into account a range of factors, including living and accommodation costs and average incomes for students.

It also looked at how much students spend on going out and how much time they spend studying.

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